The comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales, the Islands.
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The Castle Community

The Personnel of English and Welsh Castles, 1272-1422
John Rickard

The period covered in this book is from the building of the Welsh castles of Edward I - the high point of castle building in the British Isles - to the time of their most serious test, the revolt of Owen Glendower and the ensuing political crises, on which the material presented here can shed some light. The most important aspect of this book, and a significant tool for castle research, is the presentation of fully-referenced lists of castle owners and constables of these and the other 600-plus castles in use in England and Wales during that time, including even the most obscure private fortress. A general overview of function, location and developments in castles prefaces the lengthy examination of constables and their role over 150 years, during which time 1,396 individuals received 1,930 appointments as constables - a significant proportion of the aristocratic community. The recipients of these appointments, length of service, and holders of multiple appointments are all discussed. Patterns of castle ownership, the licence to crenellate, and wardship of estates containing castles complete the study. John Rickard completed his PhD at Hull University. (Boydell synosis)
Whilst indeed very valuable as a reference text the discussion on licence to crenellate is deeply flawed.
The PhD Thesis (Univesity of Hull 1999), of which the book is a close version, is available at

Published by The Boydell Press (2002; Woodbridge)
ISBN: 978-0851159133

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