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Pevensey Castle, Sussex

Excavations in the Roman Fort and Medieval Keep, 1993-95
Michael Fulford
Stephen Rippon
A programme of excavations on and around the keep of Pevensey Castle established that the fort wall of the late Roman "Saxon Shore" fort was constructed AD 280-300, very possibly during the usurpation of Allectus. A deep sequence of "dark earth" built up against the inside of the Roman fort wall during the Roman and early medieval periods, before and after the establishment of William I's castle after 1066. A substantial stone keep and probably the gatehouse and inner bailey were constructed around 1200 and traces of a tower on the outside of the Roman fort wall were recorded. Substantial later repairs to the inside included the addition of a tower against the outer face of the (collapsing) Roman wall, the construction of a garderobe chamber and the re-building of the north-east tower, probably in the early 14th century. The base of the now ruinous keep was filled with clay after the 16th-17th centuries, probably to provide a foundation for cannon to defend the castle against possible Armada invasion in 1588. (Amazon)

Another monograph on an excavation is concerned with the work undertaken at Pevensey Roman fort and medieval castle in Sussex in 1993-95, on and around the keep, the authors of the report being Michael Fulford and Stephen Rippon. The excavations found that amongst the repairs to the keep, the north-east ‘tower’ had been totally rebuilt, and a new east ‘tower’ added, probably in the late thirteenth or early fourteenth century, a period when numerous repairs are documented. At the time of the Armada (1588), Pevensey was ruinous, but a ramp and mound against and over the keep had been thrown up to enable ordnance to be hauled into position and mounted on a platform. (John R. Kenyon, 2012, Castle Studies Group Bibliography p. 12)
See also the Gatehouse records for Pevensey Castle, Pevensey Town Defenses and several of the 16th artillery batteries associated with Pevensey (1; 2 and 3).

Published by Wessex Archaeology and University of Reading (Wessex Report Report 26) (2011; Salisbury)
ISBN: 978-1874350552

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