The comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales, the Islands.
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Studies in Castles and Castle-Building

Arnold Taylor

A collection of 25 articles by Dr Arnold Taylor, one of the leading authorities on castles in the post W.W.II era. It particularly concentrates on the great castles of Edward I in North Wales. Articles cover now Taylor identified Master James of St George as a Savoyard, through a detailed analysis of castles and documents. Also covered is detailed analysis of the contemporary documentation covering the building of Edward's castles. This is a text for the serious student of castles but for the more casual enthusiast it will give a insight into the vast amount of scholarship and long and hard research Arnold Taylor put into producing the guide books for Edward's castles which CADW still continue to use (though republished with much better illustrations than his first 'blue book' editions).
Taylor does not always translate the Latin and French texts that he quotes.

Published by The Hambledon Press (1985)
ISBN: 0 907628 51 6

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