A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of bastles and pele towers in Northern England

List of Pele Towers in England

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Abberwick Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Acton Hall, Felton le Bastle Northumberland no visible
Adderstone Tower Turris de Ederston Northumberland no visible
Alnham Vicars Pele Alnham Vicarage; Aylnane; Alname Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ashton Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Aske Hall, Easby Near Richmond Yorkshire North Riding major building
Austhwaite Hall, Dalegarth Dalegarthe Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Austwick Hall Yorkshire West Riding uncertain
Bale Hill House, Wolsingham Baal Hill; Baylehilhouse Durham; County Palatinate of masonry ruins/remnants
Bamburgh Tower Bamborough 2, The Master of Bamburgh's Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Bank Head Bankhead Cumberland no visible
Barmoor Castle Barnmoor; Bairmoor; Byermore; Barmor; Barmer Northumberland masonry footings
Barningham; The Hall Barningham Park Yorkshire North Riding masonry ruins/remnants
Barrow Peel Barrowe Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bathers Tower, Spittal Hospital of St Bartholomew; Twedemouth Durham; North no visible
Beadnell; The Craster Arms Beadlen Northumberland major building
Bearnshaw Tower Bernshaw; Besyngshaw; Besingshaw Yorkshire West Riding no visible
Beaufront Castle Turris de Bewfronte; bello fronte; Befront; Befron Northumberland no visible
Bebside Old Hall Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bedlington Old Hall Durham; North no visible
Belford Westhall Tower Belford West Hall; Castrum de Belfurth; Castrum de Beleford Northumberland no visible
Benson Hall, Scalthwaiterigg Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Bere Barton, Bere Ferrers Byr; Beer Ferres; Beer Ferris Devon major building
Berrington Tower Berryngton; Turris Rob'ti Maners in Beryngton Durham; North no visible
Biddlestone Hall Tower Turris de Bidilston; Bedylsden; Bidleston; Billesdun; Bittilsden; Byttylsden; Bitlesden Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Biddlestone Home Farm Hemmel Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bilborough moat Nottinghamshire no visible
Birdoswald Tower Cumberland masonry footings
Blagill Bastles and possible tower Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Blanchland Abbey Lord Crewe Arms Hotel Northumberland uncertain
Bleatarn Park Bleterne; Highstonehouse Cumberland no visible
Blencow Hall Cumberland major building
Blenkinsopp Hall Blenkinsop; Blenkensop; Blenkensopp; Dryburnhaugh Northumberland no visible
Bolling Hall, Bradford Bowling Hall Yorkshire West Riding major building
Bolton Hospital Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr; Boltone; Boulton; the Guards Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bolton Peel Farm Yorkshire West Riding no visible
Boltongate Rectory Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Borwick Hall Lancashire major building
Bowness on Solway Bolness; Bolnes; Bulnesse; Old Rectory Cumberland no visible
Brackenburgh Old Tower Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Brackenhill Tower Cumberland major building
Braes Tower Breas; Brays Cumberland masonry footings
Brampton Old Church Farm Vicars Pele Cumberland major building
Branthwaite Hall Cumberland major building
Branton Tower Northumberland no visible
Branxton Tower Brankstone Northumberland no visible
Broughton Tower The Towers, Broughton in Furness Lancashire North of the Sands major building
Buckton Tower Durham; North no visible
Burgh by Sands Castle Burgh Castle; Speergarth Holes Cumberland no visible
Burgh by Sands Church of St Michael Cumberland major building
Burgh by Sands Tower of Andrew the chaplain Cumberland no visible
Burgh by Sands Tower of Radulph Wallensis Cumberland no visible
Burnfoot Ye Burnfoote Cumberland no visible
Burradon in Coquetdale Bunaden; Borrodone Northumberland no visible
Bush Davie of ye bush; Dame of Ye Bush; The Scottes dike heade; Croftsike Cumberland no visible
Calgarth Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Callaly Castle Callaley; Callalye Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Camerton Hall Cumberland no visible
Cappleside Hall, Beetham Cappelside Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Cardew Hall Cardew Lodge Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cardurnock Tower Cardronock; Castlesteads; Anthorn Cumberland no visible
Carham Pele Tower Carrame Northumberland no visible
Carlisle Bishops Tower Cumberland no visible
Carlisle Priors Tower Carlisle Deanery Cumberland major building
Carraw Tower Caraw; Carrow Northumberland no visible
Castle Carrock Oaktree Hall Cumberland no visible
Castle Carrock Stonehouse Farm Mansion House Cumberland no visible
Causey Park House Cawsey Park Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Charlton Tower, Bellingham Northumberland no visible
Chatton Earls Tower Forsters Tower; Fowberyes Tower; Fowberry's Tower; Ederston, Grieve's Law Northumberland no visible
Chatton Vicars Pele Chatton Vicarage Northumberland no visible
Cheswick Tower Cheswike; Chesewick Durham; North no visible
Choppington Tower Chopington; Chapyngton Durham; North no visible
Cleadon Tower Whitburn Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Clennell Hall Clennill Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cliburn Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Cliffe The Cliff Cumberland no visible
Clifton Castle Clifton upon Ure; Masham; Clifton super Yoram Yorkshire North Riding masonry footings
Clifton Hall Westmorland major building
Clitheroe; The Alleys Lancashire uncertain
Cocklaw Peel, Adderstone Cocklaw Pele Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Colby Tower Westmorland no visible
Coldmartin Tower, Chatton Tower Martin Northumberland uncertain
Collin Bank Willeava; Willyavye Cumberland no visible
Combe in 'Cumberland' Coome: Cowholm Dumfriesshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Coneyside Cop Cop Spur Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Coquet Island Tower Coket Island Tower; Coketeland Northumberland masonry footings
Corbridge Low Hall Baxters Tower Northumberland major building
Corbridge Vicars Pele Corbridge Vicarage Northumberland major building
Corby Gates Corbrig-gate; Corbriggate Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cote Walls Tower, Biddlestone Coat Walls; Coteswall; Cotte walles Northumberland no visible
Coupland Bridge 1 Warcop; Copeland Westmorland earthwork
Cowmire Hall, Crosthwaite and Lyth Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Cowpen Bewley Low Grange Farm Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Crackenthorpe Hall Mali Catuli Westmorland no visible
Crake Trees Craik Trees Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Craster Tower Craucester; Crawster; Craister Northumberland major building
Crawley Tower Crawelawe; Krawlawe Northumberland masonry footings
Croglin Low Hall Cumberland major building
Croglin Vicarage Kirkcroglin; Rectory Farm; The Old Pele Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cromhall Crumhale Gloucestershire no visible
Crookdake Hall Croke Dake; Crokedake: Crockdake; Crockdale Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Crosby Ravensworth Hall Crosby Hall Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Cumcrook Tower, Stapleton Comcriok; Comcrook; Gomcrook Cumberland no visible
Cunswick Hall Camswik; Coneswic; Coningeswyk Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Dalemain Dominicum in valle Cumberland masonry footings
Dallam Tower Westmorland no visible
Dalston Hall Dilston Cumberland major building
Dalton in Furness Dalton Castle Lancashire North of the Sands major building
Danby Hall, Thornton Steward Danby on Ure Yorkshire North Riding major building
Darfield New Hall Wombwell; Cranford Hall Yorkshire West Riding masonry footings
Dean Church of St Oswald Vicars Tower Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Dearham Church of St Mungo Cumberland major building
Denton Hall Denton Tower; Turris de Denton juxta Hawtwisill Cumberland major building
Dockray Hall Gloucester Arms Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Dockwray Hall, Kendal Dockray Hall; Dockwra Hall Westmorland no visible
Dovenby Hall Dolfinby Cumberland major building
Downham Tower, Carham Northumberland no visible
Drawdykes Castle Cumberland major building
Duddo Tower Duddoo Durham; North masonry ruins/remnants
Dunstan Hall Proctor Stead; Proctor Steads; Dunston Tower Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Earle Yerdle; Yherdhill; Yerdehill; Yerdlun; Yardle; Yeardle Northumberland no visible
Easedike Estdik; Easdike Yorkshire Ainsty & York uncertain
Easington Grange Northumberland no visible
East Ditchburn Tower East Didgburn Northumberland no visible
East Shaftoe Hall Shaftoe Craggs; East Shaftoe House Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
East Woodburn Hallyards Northumberland no visible
Edenhall Eden Hall; Eamont Cumberland no visible
Edenhall Church of St Cuthbert Cumberland no visible
Eglingham Church of St Maurice Northumberland major building
Elsdon Tower Vicars Pele; Parsonage; Elsden; Elsdon Castle; Turris de Ellysden Northumberland major building
Elwick Tower of Thomas Bradforth 'Turris Thomas Bradforth in Elwicke'; Ellwick Northumberland no visible
Elwick Tower of Thomas Elwyke 'Turris Thomae de Elwyke in Eadem'; Ellwick Northumberland no visible
Embleton Tower The Old Vicarage; Turris de Emyldon; Emildon Northumberland major building
Errington Tower Northumberland uncertain
Eslington Tower Esselyngton; Eslyngton Northumberland no visible
Ewanrigg Hall, Maryport Unerigg Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Farnham Tower, Hepple High Farnham; Fairnham; Thurnham; Thernham; Thernam; Tharnam Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Fenham Tower and Castle Fenham Mill Durham; North earthwork
Flotterton Tower, Snitter ffortalicium de fflowayton Northumberland no visible
Ford Parsons Tower Vicars Pele; Forde Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Fowberry Tower, Chatton Fulbery; Fowberye; Folebir Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Gale Hall Towerwise Cumberland no visible
Gate Castle, Stanhope Gaitte; Gates Durham; County Palatinate of masonry footings
Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Godmond Hall, Strickland Roger Godmund; Goodmond Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Goswick Tower, Ancroft Gosewick Durham; North no visible
Grange Hall, Asby Westmorland major building
Great Asby Rectory Westmorland major building
Great Ryle Tower Northumberland no visible
Great Salkeld Rectory Cumberland major building
Greenchester Pele, Otterburn The Holt Northumberland no visible
Greenrigg Grenewich; Greenwrae Dumfriesshire no visible
Grindonrigg Tower Grindon Rigg; Grindonridge; Grindon Ridge; Grydon Durham; North no visible
Guards ye Gardes; The gard Cumberland no visible
Gunnerton Tower, Chollerton Gonnerton Northumberland no visible
Haile Hall Hale Cumberland major building
Haithwaite Haythwaite Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hall Hills Cumberland masonry footings
Halloughton Manor House Nottinghamshire major building
Haltwhistle Musgrove Tower Hawtewysle; Hawtwisill; Hawtewysle Northumberland no visible
Hammerton Hall Yorkshire West Riding uncertain
Hampsfield Hall Pele Hamsfell Lancashire North of the Sands masonry footings
Hapton Tower Lancashire no visible
Harbybrow Tower Hardy Brow; Leesgill; Leesrigg Cumberland major building
Hardrigg Hall Tower, Skelton Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Harnham Hall, Belsay ffortalicium de Harnhamhall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Harperhill, Stapleton Harpenhill Cumberland no visible
Hartburn Old Vicarage Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hartsop Hall Westmorland masonry footings
Haughton Castle, Humshaugh Houghton; Hawghton Northumberland major building
Hazelrigg Tower Hazlerigg; Heslerigg; Heselryg; Hasslerigg; Heselrigge; Hesellerygge Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hazelslack Tower Beetham 2; Helslack Westmorland major building
Healey Hall Healy Hall; Hely Northumberland no visible
Hebburn Hall Ellison Hall; Jarrow Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Heiferlaw Tower Hefferlaw; Highfarland; Highfarlaw; Heffordlaw; Heaforlaw Northumberland major building
Hepple Tower Heppelle; Heppedale; Hephell Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hepscott Tower Hepscott Hall; Heppescotes; Hepscot Durham; North masonry ruins/remnants
Hesleyside Tower Heslesyde Northumberland masonry footings
Hethpool Tower Hethpulle Northumberland major building
Hetton Hall, Chatton Heton; Heaton; Heddon Northumberland major building
Heversham Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Hewthwaite Hall Cumberland no visible
Heysham Tower Lancashire no visible
High Grains Bastle, Askerton Jocks Hill Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
High Lovelady Shield Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Highfield Tower Hiefeild; Hiefieldstown Cumberland no visible
Highmoat; The Mote ffergus grame, High Moat; Liddale; Liddel Moat; ye mote; Red Hill Cumberland no visible
Hirst Castle, Ashington Hirst in Woodhorn; Low Hirst; North Hurst Northumberland no visible
Hoghton Tower Houghton Lancashire no visible
Holburn Tower Holborn Northumberland no visible
Hollin How Hollin Hall; Nether Stavely Westmorland major building
Hoppen Tower Turris de Hopyn Northumberland no visible
Hornby Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Horneystead Bastle Hornestead; Wark in Tyndale 2 Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Horsley Tower, Longhorsley Northumberland major building
Houghton le Spring Rectory Durham; County Palatinate of masonry ruins/remnants
Howick Hall Turris de Howicke; Howwike Northumberland no visible
Howtell Tower Howtel Northumberland major building
Hulne Friary Hulne Priory; Hulne Abbey; Hulne Whitefriars; Holne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Humbleton Tower, Akeld Homyldon Northumberland no visible
Humshaugh House, Humshaugh Manor House Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hunstanworth Tower Durham; County Palatinate of masonry ruins/remnants
Hutton Hall Cumberland major building
Hutton in the Forest Hall Hutton Hall Cumberland major building
Hutton John Cumberland major building
Ingmire Hall, Sedbergh Yorkshire West Riding masonry ruins/remnants
Ingram Vicars Pele Ingram Parsonage; Inggeram; Inggerram; Ingrame; Lumphaugh Northumberland no visible
Irton Hall Cumberland major building
John Comcrooks Tower, Querlokens Cumberland no visible
Johnby Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kentmere Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Keswick Monks Hall Cumberland no visible
Kirfit Hall Kerfitt Hall, Kirfitt Hall Westmorland major building
Kirkandrews Tower Kirkandrews upon Esk; Tom Greme; Kirkander; Kirkanders Cumberland major building
Kirkby Hall Cross House; Kirkby Ireleth Lancashire North of the Sands no visible
Kirkharle Hall East Harle Northumberland no visible
Kirkley Tower Turris de Kirklawe Northumberland no visible
Kirknewton Tower East Newton; Newton in Glendale Northumberland no visible
Kirkoswald College Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kirkwhelpington Vicars Pele Kirkwhelpington Vicarage, Kyrke Whelpyngton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Knarsdale Hall Northumberland no visible
Kyloe Tower East Kyloe; Kylay; Kilo Durham; North masonry ruins/remnants
Lamplugh Hall Lamplugh Castle Cumberland no visible
Lamrick Tower Lambrigg Westmorland no visible
Lanercost Priory–King Edwards Tower Vicarage; Vicar's Pele Tower; Uttergate Cumberland major building
Lanercost Priory–Priors Tower Dacre Tower: Dacre Hall Cumberland major building
Lanton Towers Langeton; Langton; Lancton; Baxter Tower; Strother Tower; Tower of Ralph Reveley Northumberland masonry footings
Lawkland Hall Yorkshire West Riding uncertain
Le Peile, Cornforth Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Lee Hall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Lemmington Hall Lemington; Lematon Northumberland major building
Levens Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Liddell Strength Tower pele of Liddel; Liddel Moat Cumberland masonry footings
Little Bavington Tower Bavington Hall; Babington Northumberland no visible
Little Harle Tower East Harle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Little Strickland Low Hall Westmorland no visible
Little Swinburne Tower Little Swinburn; East Swinburn; Swinborne; Swyneburne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Littlehoughton Hall Tower Little Houghton; Little Haughton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Longthorpe Tower Northamptonshire (Soke of Peterborough) major building
Longtown Tower Arthuret Knowes; Longtowne Cumberland no visible
Lorton Hall Winder House Cumberland major building
Low House Low Burnfoot Cumberland uncertain
Low Silly Hall Cumberland major building
Low Todholes Todholles; Todgill Hole; Todhoillis; Toddholls; Low Toddhills; Miry Todholes Cumberland no visible
Low Trewhitt Nether Trewitt; Low Trewitt; Low Trehwitt; Turris de Terwhit inferioris; Nether Trewhitt Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Loweswater Pele Cumberland masonry footings
Lowick Hall Tower of de Lofwic Lancashire North of the Sands uncertain
Lowick Tower Bastle Corner; Lowyke; Lowicke; Lawkye Durham; North no visible
Lowther Castle Stead Castlesteads; Castellum de Lauudre Westmorland masonry footings
Ludworth Tower Shadforth Durham; County Palatinate of masonry ruins/remnants
Lynestead Tower Hole of Lyne Cumberland masonry footings
Meldon Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Melsonby Tower Yorkshire North Riding masonry footings
Middle Skelgill Cumberland major building
Middleton next the sea Tower Northumberland no visible
Millbeck Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Millees Milneleis Cumberland no visible
Millerhill, Waterhead Miller Hill; Millnerhill, Millernhill Cumberland no visible
Millhill Miluhill; milne hill Cumberland no visible
Monk Farm Bastles, Allendale Monks Farm, le Menke Northumberland major building
Monkridge Old Hall, Heatherwick Northumberland masonry footings
Moresby Hall Cumberland uncertain
Morpeth Bridge Street Dacres Tower; Old Gaol Northumberland uncertain
Mossband Mosband; Mosse bawne Cumberland no visible
Mossthorn Tower, Stapleton Mossthorne; The Mosthorn; Lineholme Cumberland no visible
Nafferton Castle Lonkin's Hall; Nafertune Northumberland earthwork
Nesbit Tower Nesbit in Glendale; Nesbette; Nesbitt; Nesebitt Northumberland no visible
Nether Hall in Westmoreland Netherhall Westmorland major building
Nether Levens Hall Westmorland no visible
Netherhall in Cumberland Cumberland major building
Nevill Hall Nevyll Hall Lancashire North of the Sands no visible
Newall Old Hall, Otley Yorkshire West Riding no visible
Newbiggin Hall in Cumberland Cumberland major building
Newburn Hall Northumberland no visible
Newby Hall Newby Stones Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Newland Tower Newlands in Wareton; Newlands in Warenton; Newland next to Belforth; mansum suum de Neulond Northumberland no visible
Newstead Tower, Adderstone with Lucker Newstead near Bamborough; Newstede Northumberland no visible
Newton Underwood Tower, Meldon Old Walls Northumberland masonry footings
Newtown Tower, Edlingham turris de Newton juxta Edlingham Northumberland no visible
Ninebanks Tower Northumberland major building
Nook Charters; Nuke; The Bailie Cumberland no visible
North Lees moat North Leys Yorkshire West Riding earthwork
North Middleton Tower Northmidileton Northumberland no visible
Norton Tower, Rylstone Rylston; Rylestone Yorkshire West Riding masonry footings
Nunnykirk Nunykirk Northumberland no visible
Ormside Hall Westmorland major building
Outchester Tower Northumberland no visible
Overgrass Tower Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Padside Hall Fadsyke Yorkshire West Riding no visible
Pawston Tower Paston Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Peel Hall Tower The Pyle Cheshire no visible
Peel Moat Heaton Chapel Cheshire earthwork
Percys Tower Douglas Tower Berwick upon Tweed no visible
Plessey Hall Durham; North masonry footings
Plump Tower Elwes; Matthewe Plomp; Plumpe Farm Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Pockerley Pele, Beamish Pokeley Durham; County Palatinate of major building
Ponteland Castle Erringtons Tower; Blackbird Inn; Castle of Aymer de Athol Northumberland uncertain
Ponteland Vicarage Tower Ponteland Vicars Pele Northumberland major building
Prendwick Tower Prendike; Prendyke Northumberland no visible
Preston Patrick Hall Westmorland major building
Raby Old Lodge Langley Dale Durham; County Palatinate of major building
Randalholme Hall, Alston Moor Randalholm; Raynerholme; Kirkhaugh Cumberland major building
Ravenstonedale Church Pele Westmorland masonry footings
Redmarshall Rectors Tower Redmarshall Castle Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Ridings ye Rydings; Ridding howme Cumberland uncertain
Rock Hall, Rennington Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Roddam Tower Roddon; Roddome Northumberland no visible
Rosgill Shap Rossgill Westmorland no visible
Rothley Tower Roadley; Rotheley; turrim de Rothlee Northumberland no visible
Rudchester Hall Rutchester Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Rutherford Tower Rutherforde; Morthwate; Old Hall; Rotherforde; Ruthord Cumberland no visible
Scrainwood Tower Screnwood; Scenwood; Screenwood; Skrynwood; Scranwood; Screynwood; Scrynwood; Skranwood Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Scremerston Tower Turris de Skremerston; Scrimmerstone; Skremerston Durham; North no visible
Seaton Delaval Castle Delavel; Dalawele; Seton Dallyvell; Turris de Seton de la uale Northumberland no visible
Selewra Pele Sillyrea; Sillerea; Selewray Pele Cumberland no visible
Sella Park Stella Park Hotel Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Selside Hall Selsat Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Settlingstones Tower Settlingstone; Satylyngestones; Satlingstones; Satlyngestones Northumberland no visible
Sewingshields Castle Sewyngeshealles; Sewing Shields; Sewyngsheles Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Shilbottle Tower Shilbottle Vicarage; Peel House; Turris de Schilbotal; Schilbotyll Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Shilburnhaugh pele, Kielder Water Shilburn Haugh Northumberland no visible
Shoreswood Tower Durham; North no visible
Shortflatt Tower Shortflat; Shortflate Northumberland major building
Simonburn Rectory Symondburne Northumberland no visible
Skelsmergh Hall Westmorland major building
Skinburness Skinburgh Cumberland uncertain
Smalesworth Pele West Ridley Stokoe; Brown Hills Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Smardale Hall Pele Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Sockbridge Hall Westmorland no visible
Soutermoor, Stapleton Sowtermore Cumberland no visible
South Charlton Chapel Tower Northumberland no visible
Spylaw, near Alnwick Northumberland uncertain
St Bees Gatehouse Pele Cumberland no visible
St Bees Priors Pele Abbey Farmhouse Cumberland no visible
St Columb Major; The Old Rectory Cornwall earthwork
St Michaels Mount, Workington How Micheal Cumberland no visible
Stamfordham Vicars Tower Stamfordham Vicarage; Turris de Stanwardham Northumberland no visible
Stanton Old Hall, Netherwitton Turris de Stranton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Stonegarthside Hall Ro foresters; Standgarthsyde Cumberland uncertain
Sutton Court Southetoun; Stowey Court Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
The Bailie Ye Baile; Bailey Cumberland no visible
The Crew Crew Castle; Crewhead Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Thetford Warren Lodge Suffolk major building
Thistlewood Farmhouse Cumberland major building
Thomwathill Thomwhathill; Garrestowns Cumberland no visible
Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Thornton Tower, Newbrough Newborough Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Thornton Tower, Shoreswood West Thornton Tower; Thorntonpark Durham; North cropmark/slight earthwork
Threapland Hall Cumberland major building
Thropton Tower Throptone; The Old Hall Northumberland no visible
Tillmouth Tower, Cornhill-on-Tweed Tilmowthe; Tilmouth; Tylemouth Durham; North cropmark/slight earthwork
Tindale Tarn House Ternehouse Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Titlington Tower Northumberland no visible
Togston Tower Togstone Northumberland no visible
Tritlington Old Hall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Trough Head Troughead; Trough heade Cumberland no visible
Troughend Tower, Rochester Trowhen; Troughen Northumberland no visible
Tursdale Castle Hill Trillesden; Standalone; Sedgebitlee; Quarrington Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Turton Tower Lancashire major building
Tweedmouth Towers Durham; North no visible
Ubarrow Hall Yewbarrow Hall; Ubery Westmorland major building
Upper Denton Moat Over Denton Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Upper Millichope Foresters Lodge Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Waingatehead Waikek Cumberland no visible
Wallington Hall Wallyngton Northumberland masonry footings
Walltown Tower Wawetowne; Waughtown Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Walwick Grange, Warden Wallwick; Wallick Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Warcop Tower Westmorland no visible
Wark on Tyne Castle Moat Hill; Mote Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Wark on Tyne Pele Tower Wark in Tyndale; Warke; Turris de Werke in Tyndall Northumberland no visible
Warnell Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Weetwood Hall, Chatton Wetewood Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Welton Hall, Horsley Welton Tower Northumberland major building
West Bitchfield Tower, Belsay West Beechfield Northumberland major building
West Harle Tower Great Harle; Turris de West herle Northumberland no visible
West Lilburn 2–Ogle's Tower Lylborn; West Lylburne; West Lilburne Northumberland no visible
West Lilburn Tower–Proctor's Tower West Lilbourne; Lylborn; West Lylburne; West Lilburne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
West Newbiggin, Norham Newbrigging; Newebygginge; Newbiging Durham; North no visible
West Thornton Northumberland no visible
Westgate Castle, Stanhope Gate Castle; Gaitte Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Whalton Tower Whalton Old Rectory Northumberland major building
Whiteclose Withiescloss; Withies Closs Cumberland no visible
Whitfield Tower Turris de Whitfeld Northumberland uncertain
Whitrigg Whitrigge Cumberland no visible
Whittingham Tower Whyttyngane; Wittynggam; Whittingame; Wytingam Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Whittingham Vicarage Whyttyngane; Whittingame Northumberland no visible
Whittington Hall Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitton Tower Whitton near Rothbury; Wytton; Wytton Northumberland major building
Widdrington Castle Widdringtons; Castrum de Wodryngton; Turris de Wodryngton; Withrington; Witherington; Woderington: Widringdun Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Willie Toms Tower, Stapleton Luckens; Nether Lockenes Cumberland no visible
Wintershields Anton Edwards Tower Cumberland no visible
Witton Tower, Witton-le-Wear Witton Le Wear 2; Witton Hall Durham; County Palatinate of masonry ruins/remnants
Woodhouses Bastle, Harbottle Hepple Woodhouses; Holystone Grange; Harecleugh Northumberland major building
Woodside Cumberland no visible
Wooler Tower Woller Northumberland masonry footings
Yanwath Hall Westmorland major building
Acton Scott Tower Shropshire no visible
Alwinton Vicarage Allayton Northumberland no visible
Ancroft Greys Tower Durham; North no visible
Barrasford Pele, Chollerton Head House Northumberland no visible
Belling Pele, Kielder Water Kielder Water Northumberland no visible
Beukley Bukeley; Bewclay; Boclive; Beuclay Northumberland no visible
Birks, Greystead Chirdonbirks Northumberland no visible
Blagdon Hall Blakedene; Bleigdon Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bredwardine; The Knapp Herefordshire masonry footings
Burnbank Bastle, Tarset Northumberland masonry footings
Burton in Kendal Church of St James Westmorland major building
Byrness Tower Northumberland no visible
Camp Cottage, Thorneyburn Herdlee Northumberland masonry footings
Catcherside Tower Northumberland no visible
Chapelfield Birdoswald Cumberland no visible
Chirdon Pele, Greystead Chirdan Pele; Cherdon Northumberland no visible
Chollerton; The Nursery Tower Northumberland no visible
Cobby Castle, Tow Law, Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Cumrew Rectory The Rectorie Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Darden Lough Pele Northumberland uncertain
Devils Causeway Tower, Netherwitton Highbush Wood Northumberland masonry footings
East Ritton Grange, Nunnykirk Nunykirk; White House Northumberland no visible
Eglingham Hall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Elmslack tower Lancashire no visible
Elyburne; The Lee Elyburn; Eliburn; Elliburn; Eliburne Northumberland no visible
Fairnley Tower, Rothley High Fairnley; High Farneylaw Northumberland no visible
Falstone Tower Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ford House Cumberland no visible
Frith Hall, Ulpha Froth Lodge Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ghyll Grange grania de sigleden; Peell of Gillgrange Yorkshire West Riding no visible
Gillalees Beacon Spade Adam Top; Spadeadam Top Cumberland masonry footings
Greystead; The Bower The Bowre; Boure; "A peel on Chirdon Burn' Northumberland no visible
Haltwhistle Old Tower Northumberland no visible
Harehaugh Old Farm Harecleugh; Hareclough; Hare Cewgh; hare clewgh Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hartburn Church of St Andrew Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hepple Woodside Hepplewoodside Northumberland no visible
Heslop Lancashire uncertain
High Rigg Pele, Hepple Gunner's Bar Northumberland masonry footings
Highcliff Highcliffe Nab Yorkshire North Riding no visible
Hill House 'Tower', Tarset Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Hole Row Tower, Shotley Low Quarter Holes; Hole Raive; Whole Row; The Raw; North Holerow; South Holerow; Holrain; Little Haw; Hollorain Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Hotbank Peel Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Hudswell Tower Culloden Tower; Cumberland Temple Yorkshire North Riding no visible
Infell Wood, Ponsonby Cumberland earthwork
Ireby Over Hall Tottersgill; Fothergill Hall; Nether Hall Lancashire major building
Islekirk Hall Hermitage of St Hilda, Ilekirk; Hildkirk Cumberland no visible
Kilham Tower Kellum Northumberland no visible
Kirkheaton Manor House Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kirklinton Hall Kirklington Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kitridding Hill Tower Swainshawbank Abbey; Swainshaw-bank Abbey; Kit-ridding Westmorland no visible
Lanthwaite Peel Place Cumberland no visible
Liddel Tower, Nicholforest The Round House Cumberland masonry footings
Linbrig Pele Linbriggs; Linn Bridge; Linnebrigg; Ducket Knowe Northumberland no visible
Longwitton Hall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Low Ardley Farmhouse Nether Ardley Northumberland uncertain
Low Askerton Mealfarme; Mill Farm; Willeava Cumberland no visible
Low Stokoe Tower Northumberland no visible
Low Thorneyburn Pele, Tarset Low Thorney Burn Northumberland no visible
Loweswater Hall Cumberland no visible
Marton Peel Tower Hall stede Lancashire no visible
Milfield Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Millrigg Mill Rigg, Millrig Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Mindrum Tower Northumberland no visible
Morpeth Town Belfry The Clock Tower Northumberland major building
Mote, Lowmoat Red Hill, Moat Farm Cumberland no visible
Newbiggin By The Sea Church of St Bartholomew Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Newton By The Sea Tower Northumberland no visible
North Sunderland Tower Shoreston Northumberland no visible
Ogle Castle Oggle; Ogill Northumberland masonry footings
Old Man's Sheel, Bellingham Scele; The Shield; Oldmanshield Northumberland masonry footings
Ombersley Abbots Palace Ombersley Court; Ambersley; Ambresleye Worcestershire no visible
Peel Crag Peel on the Wall, Peel Gap; Steel Rig Northumberland masonry footings
Portgate on the Wall Porgate Northumberland no visible
Prudhoe Pele Northumberland no visible
Quarrington Castle Hill Durham; County Palatinate of no visible
Rattenraw Bastle, Otterburn Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ravenshill Pele, Kielder Northumberland no visible
Rebellion House, High Callerton Great Callerton; Callerton Valence; Cromwell House Northumberland major building
Ritton White House West Ritton; Westryghton; Rytton Northumberland uncertain
Rochester; The Sills Northumberland uncertain
Ryal Tower Ryal near Stamfordham; Ryall Northumberland no visible
Samlesbury Lower Hall Gospatricks Lancashire no visible
Scarrowmanwick Scallermanok; Scalemanock; Saltermannoweke Cumberland no visible
Shidlaw Tower, Carham Carham Hall Northumberland no visible
Shield Hall Old Pele, Slaley Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
St Mungos Castle Bromfield Camp; Mungo Castle Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Starsley Pele, Kielder Water Starslee Northumberland no visible
Stone House, Stanhope Durham; County Palatinate of major building
Tallentire Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Tecket Farmhouse, Simonburn Tekett Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Temple Thornton Northumberland no visible
The Riding Farmhouse bastle, Bellingham Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Thompsons Walls, Antechester Northumberland no visible
Tower Brae earthworks Towerbrae; Tower Brow Cumberland earthwork
Towneley Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Two Lions Inn, Penrith Gerard Lowther's House Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ulpha Old Hall Ulfhay Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Unthank Hall Northumberland no visible
Wainhope Pele, Falstone Forest Northumberland no visible
West Whelpington Peel House Northumberland no visible
West Witton Penhill Beacon Yorkshire North Riding masonry footings
Whitfield Old Town Bastle Thacky Northumberland masonry footings
Whitton Grange Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Wigton Tarn Castle Tarnside Cumberland no visible
Winderwath House Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Wingates Pele Cottage Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Yeavering 'Tower' King Edwin's Palace; yevering Northumberland masonry footings

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