A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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The Gatehouse website list the medieval fortifications and palaces of England
on the Heritage at Risk Registers

Below is a list of the 414 sites in England recorded in the Gatehouse gazetteer which are, or have been, on the Historic England (formerly English Heritage) Heritage at Risk Registers since 2009.

These Registers were first started in 1998 as the Buildings at Risk Registers, but had a major revamp as the Heritage at Risk Programme in 2008, to include archaeological sites. This information is derived from the Register published online and available from Historic England, which publishes the Registers annual every October. While effort has been made to ensure accuracy the information was derived by a person and may be erroneous. Corrections to this listing are most welcome (contact Gatehouse). Sites which are on the Register but in regard to none medieval parts of the site (such as the 19th century neoclassical gateway to Chester Castle - The Propylaea) are, generally, not included although the records do not always allow for such differentiation to be made. Further information and questions about Heritage at Risk Registers and the reason for these sites being on those Registers should be directed to Historic England and not to Gatehouse.

The number of sites on the Registers had consistently dropped year on year. It is to be hoped this does represent a genuine reduction in the risk to the surviving medieval fortifications although other factors, such as the effectiveness of monitoring and recording by county archaeologists during a period which coincides with a time when county councils have been under considerable financial pressure with effects on their archaeological services, have to also be considered in regard to these figures.

Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total sites on Register 326 311 308 296 291 277 266 262
Number of sites removed (non-positive) - 30 28 19 (+3) 19 23 21 17
Number of sites added (re-entries) - 15 23 (+2) 10 13 (+1) 9 8 (+2) 12 (+1)
Year on year percentage change - -4.6% -1.0% -3.9% -1.7% -4.8% -4.0% -1.5%
Figures for 2016 awaiting confirmation.

In this listing no attempt is made to give the reason for the building or site being considered at risk, although across all monument types the principle vulnerability is usually the commerical activities and/or the neglect of the site by the site owner*. While most sites are removed from the Registers for positive reasons some site are removed for "non-positive" reasons. This term appears to be deliberately obscure but suggests sites that are so damaged as to no longer be considered as preservable (generally this means sites that have been ploughed out). Such site are usually also de-listed as Scheduled Monuments.


Wales does not have a Heritage at Risk Register. It does have a Buildings at Risk programme but no online register that allows identification of medieval fortifications at risk. The relevant CADW web page has a short 'annual' summary report from 2013 (accessed 5 Nov 2015).

On the Register
Not on the Register
Removed from Register for 'non-positive' reasons
There are some differences between how Gatehouse and Historic England define and name sites so the numbers given here, based on the Gatehouse records, do not exactly match the Historic England numbers, although the differences are slight.
Clicking on the site name will take you to the Gatehouse webpage where, in the site bibliography (under other sources), links to the online copies of the relevant Registers are given.
Name Modern Authority 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Richmont Castle, East Harptree Bath and North East Somerset     removed          
Biggleswade Ringwork Bedfordshire                
Dunstable Priory House Bedfordshire         new entry      
Ridgmont; The Round House Bedfordshire             removed  
Roxton Palaceyard Wood Bedfordshire                
Thurleigh Bury Hills Bedfordshire       new entry        
Toddington Conger Hill Bedfordshire           removed    
Totternhoe Castle Bedfordshire                
Weoley Castle Birmingham   removed            
Ashley Green Grove Farm Buckinghamshire         new entry      
Little Kimble Motte Buckinghamshire     new entry          
Bassingbourne, John of Gaunts House Cambridgeshire                
Castle Camps Village Defences Cambridgeshire     new entry   removed      
Caxton Moats Cambridgeshire     removed          
Ramsey Abbey Cambridgeshire   removed            
Ramsey Booths Hill Cambridgeshire   removed            
Aldford Blobb Hill Cheshire   new entry removed          
Chester City Wall Cheshire   new entry removed          
Doddington Tower Cheshire                
Ince Grange Cheshire     new entry removed        
Kingsley Castle Cob Cheshire                
Oakmere Harthhill Bank Cheshire                
Oldcastle Castle Hill Cheshire     new entry       removed  
Shocklach Cheshire       new entry        
Shocklach Oldcastle Cheshire       new entry        
London City Wall City and County of the City of London                
Binhamy Cornwall             new entry  
Carn Brea Castle Cornwall                
Cayl Castle Cornwall                
Glasney College Cornwall         new entry      
Lostwithiel Duchy Palace Cornwall         removed      
Pelynt Bake Rings Cornwall                
Penstowe Castle, Kilkhampton Cornwall               new entry
Trenethick Barton Cornwall       removed        
Allesley Ringwork Coventry   removed         new entry  
Caludon Castle (southern moat) Coventry   removed            
Coventry City Wall Coventry     new entry          
Appleby Castle Cumbria                
Arnside Tower Cumbria                
Beetham Hall Cumbria                
Brackenhill Tower Cumbria     removed          
Brampton Church of St Martin Cumbria   new entry            
Brough Castle Cumbria                
Brougham Hall Cumbria               removed
Burneside Hall, Strickland Roger Cumbria                
Castle Dairy, Kendal Cumbria   new entry   removed        
Cockermouth Castle Cumbria                
Crake Trees Cumbria           removed    
Crummock Water Manor House Cumbria       removed        
Denton Hall Cumbria                
Gleaston Castle, Aldingham Cumbria                
Great Salkeld Church of St Cuthbert Cumbria     new entry   removed      
Hazelslack Tower Cumbria                
High Head Castle Cumbria                
Infell Wood, Ponsonby Cumbria     removed          
Kirkoswald Castle Cumbria                
Lammerside Castle Cumbria                
Lowther Hall Cumbria     new entry          
Millom Castle Cumbria                
Naworth Castle Cumbria               removed
Pennington Castle Hill Cumbria                
Stonehaugh 'Tower' Cumbria                
The Loan Cumbria                
The Stonehouse Naworth East Park Cumbria                
Tower Tye Cumbria                
Triermain Castle Cumbria                
Two Lions Inn, Penrith Cumbria         removed      
Workington Hall Cumbria       new entry        
Low Dinsdale Manor House Darlington   new entry   removed        
Barlborough Hall Derbyshire               new entry
Codnor Castle Derbyshire                
Horsley Castle Derbyshire                
Stydd Hall Derbyshire               removed
Wingfield Manor Derbyshire     removed     new entry    
Barnstaple Castle Devon         new entry   removed  
Bridestowe Burley Wood Devon           removed    
Castle Roborough, Loxhore Devon                
Chudleigh Bishops Palace Devon                
Dartington Ringwork Devon                
Eggesford Castle, Wembworthy Devon                
Exeter Danes Castle Devon     new entry       removed  
Fort Charles, Salcombe Devon                
Godsborough near Abbotsham Devon                
Gommerock Devon                
Hembury Castle, West Buckfastleigh Devon           removed    
Highweek Castle Dyke Devon   new entry removed          
Holwell Castle, Parracombe Devon         new entry removed    
Ilton Castle, Malborough Devon     removed          
Marisco Castle, Lundy Island Devon   removed            
Oldaport Fort Devon             removed  
Widworthy Castle Hill Devon                
Adwick le Street Castle Hills Doncaster                
Bawtry Manor Holt Doncaster                
Bentley Moat Hills Doncaster                
Braithwell Moat Hall Doncaster   new entry            
Cusworth Castle Hill, Sprotbrough Doncaster   removed            
Fenwick Moat Hill Doncaster               removed
Hampole Castle Hill Doncaster           removed    
Sutton Common earthworks Doncaster                
Tickhill Castle Doncaster                
Thorpe in Balne moated site Doncaster                
Corfe; The Rings Dorset                
Cranborne Castle Hill Dorset     removed          
East Chelborough Stake Farm Dorset                
Holditch Court, Thorncombe Dorset               tower added
Marshwood Castle Dorset                
Pilsdon Dorset             new entry  
Rufus Castle Dorset                
Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth Dorset         removed      
Shaftesbury Castle Hill Dorset           new entry    
Sturminster Newton Castle Dorset                
Halesowen Abbey Dudley   removed            
Barnard Castle Durham           new entry    
Bearpark Priors House Durham                
Bishop Auckland Castle Durham                
Brancepeth Castle Durham   new entry            
Durham Castle Durham                
Langley Old Hall Durham         removed      
Mortham Tower, Greta Bridge Durham                
Muggleswick Grange Durham         removed      
Aughton Castle Hill East Riding of Yorkshire                
Baynard Castle, Cottingham East Riding of Yorkshire                
Beverley Manor of the Archbishop of York East Riding of Yorkshire                
Bewick Tup Hill East Riding of Yorkshire                
Bishop Wilton Hall Garth East Riding of Yorkshire                
Cowick Kings Manor East Riding of Yorkshire             removed  
Danish Tower, Flamborough East Riding of Yorkshire                
Great Driffield Moat Hill East Riding of Yorkshire         removed      
Leconfield Manor East Riding of Yorkshire                
Little Kelk East Riding of Yorkshire                
Lockington Coney Hill East Riding of Yorkshire                
Paull Holme Tower East Riding of Yorkshire                
Roos Castle East Riding of Yorkshire   removed            
Skipsea Castle Hill East Riding of Yorkshire                
Skirpenbeck Manor House East Riding of Yorkshire                
St Lois East Riding of Yorkshire                
Wressle Castle East Riding of Yorkshire               removed
Camber Castle East Sussex         new entry      
Lewes Priory East Sussex     removed          
Lewes Town Wall East Sussex   removed            
Mount Caburn Camp, Glynde East Sussex     new entry     removed    
Beaulieu Palace, Boreham Essex       removed        
Saffron Walden Castle Essex           removed re-entry  
Stansted Mountfitchet Castle Essex           new entry   removed
Waltham Abbey Essex           removed    
Ravensworth Castle, County Durham Gateshead                
Hailes Castle, Stanway Gloucestershire                
Haresfield Mount Gloucestershire           removed    
South Cerney Castle Gloucestershire     new entry          
Taynton Parva Gloucestershire         new entry     removed
Halton Castle, Runcorn Halton     removed          
Church Place Ashurst Hampshire   new entry   removed        
Church Place Denny Wait Hampshire       removed        
Studley Castle Hampshire       removed        
Titchfield Abbey Hampshire                
Merdon Castle, Hursley Hampshire (City of Winchester)                
Almeley Castle Herefordshire         new entry   removed  
Bronsil Castle Herefordshire         new entry removed    
Clifford Castle Herefordshire                
Cothill Tump, Turnastone Herefordshire     removed          
Eaton Camp, Eaton Bishop Herefordshire     removed          
Hereford City Wall Herefordshire                
Huntington Castle Herefordshire                
Kentchurch Tump Herefordshire             new entry  
Kilpeck Castle Herefordshire           removed    
Kingsland Castle Herefordshire   new entry removed   re-entry      
Lyonshall Castle Herefordshire                
Much Dewchurch; The Camp Herefordshire               removed
Penyard Castle Herefordshire                
Richards Castle Herefordshire       removed        
Snodhill Castle, Peterchurch Herefordshire                
Turret Castle, Huntington Herefordshire         new entry   removed  
Turret Tump, Huntington Herefordshire           removed    
Urishay Castle, Peterchurch Herefordshire                
Walterstone Motte Herefordshire                
Weobley Castle Herefordshire             new entry  
Pirton Grange Hertfordshire     new entry removed        
Quarr Abbey Isle of Wight                
Ennor Castle Isles of Scilly                
Star Castle and Garrison Walls Isles of Scilly     new entry          
Binbury Castle, Thurnham Kent                
Canterbury City Wall Kent                
Castle Toll, Newenden Kent                
Charing Palace Kent                
Maidstone Archbishops Palace Kent                
Otford Palace Kent         new entry      
Sandown Castle, Kent Kent   removed            
Shurland Castle Kent         removed      
Stowting Castle Kent                
Tonbridge Town Defences Kent                
Westenhanger Castle Kent   removed            
Mirfield Castle Hall Hill Kirklees         removed      
Greenhalgh Castle Lancashire   removed            
Hornby Castlestede Lancashire                
Whalley Abbey Lancashire                
Calverley Old Hall Leeds               new entry
Rothwell Castle Leeds                
Leicester Castle Leicester; City of                
Groby Old Hall Leicestershire   removed            
Ingarsby Monks Grave Leicestershire   new entry            
Horncastle Castle Lincolnshire                
Kettlethorpe Hall Lincolnshire                
Lincoln Cathedral West Front Lincolnshire   new entry            
Lincoln City Wall Lincolnshire     removed          
Rochford Tower Lincolnshire                
Somerton Castle, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire                
Torksey Castle Lincolnshire                
Tower on the Moor Lincolnshire                
Ickenham Manor Farm London Borough of Hillingdon                
Chessington Castle Hill London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames       removed        
Cooling Castle Medway                
St Andrews Cathedral Priory, Rochester Medway     removed          
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Town Wall Newcastle-upon-Tyne       new entry     removed  
Crabbs Castle Norfolk                
Dilham Hall Norfolk   removed            
Drayton Lodge Norfolk                
East Barsham Manor Norfolk     new entry          
Great Yarmouth Town Wall Norfolk     new entry          
Hunstanton Hall Norfolk     new entry          
New Buckenham Castle Norfolk   removed            
Norwich Bishops Palace Norfolk                
St Benets Abbey, Holm Norfolk         removed      
Thetford Castle Hill Norfolk   removed            
Waxham Hall Norfolk                
Kinaird Castle, Owston Ferry North Lincolnshire                
Thornton Abbey North Lincolnshire         removed      
Ayton Castle North Yorkshire             removed  
Balne Parkshaw Wood Moat North Yorkshire             removed  
Bolton Percy moot hill North Yorkshire                
Bossal Hall North Yorkshire                
Colburn Hall North Yorkshire     removed          
Crayke Castle North Yorkshire               new entry
Deighton Moat North Yorkshire                
Drax Castle Hill North Yorkshire                
Gilling Castle–Gilling East near Helmsley North Yorkshire     removed          
Green Dike North Yorkshire             removed  
Harlsey Castle North Yorkshire                
Hood Castle North Yorkshire     removed          
Hutton Conyers Castle North Yorkshire                
Huttons Ambo North Yorkshire                
Kirkbymoorside, Stutevilles Castle North Yorkshire                
Middleham Williams Hill North Yorkshire                
Moor Monkton Rede House North Yorkshire                
Mowbray Castle, Kirkby Malzeard North Yorkshire                
Nappa Hall, Askrigg North Yorkshire                
North Deighton Howe Hill North Yorkshire           new entry    
Pickering Beacon Hill North Yorkshire                
Ravensworth Castle, Yorkshire North Yorkshire                
Riccall Manor North Yorkshire           removed    
Rougemont Burgus Enclosure North Yorkshire           removed    
Rougemont Castle near Weeton North Yorkshire           removed    
Sheriff Hutton Castle North Yorkshire                
Slingsby Castle North Yorkshire                
Snape Castle North Yorkshire                
Steeton Hall, South Milford North Yorkshire                
Steeton Hall, Steeton North Yorkshire               removed
Topcliffe Maidens Bower North Yorkshire                
Topcliffe Manor Hills North Yorkshire                
Whorlton Castle North Yorkshire                
Whitley Thorpe North Yorkshire             removed  
Wilton Hall near Pickering North Yorkshire                
Astwell Castle Northamptonshire               new entry
Towcester Bury Mount Northamptonshire   removed            
Alnwick Town Wall Northumberland                
Barmoor Castle Northumberland                
Bog Head Bastle, Thorneyburn Northumberland           removed    
Cartington Castle Northumberland           removed    
Castle Heaton Castle Northumberland       new entry       removed
Chesterwood 1 and 2 Bastles Northumberland                
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 1 Northumberland               removed
Cocklaw Tower, Wall Northumberland                
Cockle Park Tower Northumberland       removed        
Coquet Island Tower Northumberland           removed    
Cornhill Castle Northumberland                
Crawley Tower Northumberland         new entry      
Cresswell Tower Northumberland     new entry          
Evistones Bastles and Defended Village Northumberland       removed        
Ford Castle, Northumberland Northumberland     new entry          
Hepple Tower Northumberland                
Hethpool Tower Northumberland                
Horneystead Bastle Northumberland                
Lindisfarne; The Palace Supply Base Northumberland                
Little Swinburne Tower Northumberland                
Low Chibburn Hospitallers Preceptory Northumberland       new entry        
Mitford Castle Northumberland                
Morrelhirst Bastle Northumberland                
Nafferton Castle Northumberland                
Ninebanks Tower Northumberland     removed          
Overgrass Tower Northumberland             removed  
Ray Cottages, Kirkwhelpington Northumberland                
Shilla Hill Bastle, Thornburn Northumberland           removed    
Shittleheugh Bastle Northumberland   removed            
Simonburn Castle and Tower House Northumberland                
South Middleton Moor Northumberland               new entry
Tarset Castle Northumberland               removed
Twizell Castle Northumberland                
Willimoteswick Manor, Bardon Mill Northumberland     removed          
Annesley Castle Nottinghamshire                
Beauvale Priory Nottinghamshire                
Clipstone, King John's Palace Nottinghamshire   removed            
Greasley Castle Nottinghamshire       new entry        
Hodsock Priory Nottinghamshire                
Lambley Round Hill Nottinghamshire                
FitzHarris, Abingdon Oxfordshire   new entry            
Mount Thorold, Peterborough Peterborough; City of   removed            
Peterborough Abbey Precinct and Burh Peterborough; City of                
Plymouth Blockhouse, Mount Batten Plymouth; City of             new entry  
Plymouth Drakes Island Plymouth; City of                
Plympton Castle Plymouth; City of     new entry       removed  
Stonehouse Town Defences Plymouth; City of                
Reading Abbey Reading                
Reading Forbury Hill Reading               removed
Kilton Castle Redcar & Cleveland                
Kimberworth Motte Rotherham                
Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Salvin Rotherham                
Oakham Castle Rutland                
Bradfield Bailey Hill Sheffield                
Bradfield Castle Hill Sheffield                
Sheffield Manor Lodge and Turret House Sheffield   removed            
Willow Garth Ecclesfield Sheffield                
Acton Bank Shropshire         removed      
Alberbury Castle Shropshire                
Aston Eyre Manor Shropshire                
Bretchel; The Beacon Shropshire       removed as 'previous risk assessments revised following reassessment'
Castle Pulverbatch Shropshire           new entry removed  
Caus Castle Shropshire   removed            
Cheney Longville Castle Shropshire                
Corfton; The Mount Shropshire                
Culmington Camp Ring Shropshire                
Hawcocks Mount Shropshire                
Hockleton Motte Shropshire     removed          
Holdgate Castle Shropshire     removed          
Hopton Castle Shropshire     removed          
Lea Castle Shropshire                
Leigh Hall moat Shropshire             removed  
Little Ness Castle Mound Shropshire       removed as 'previous risk assessments revised following reassessment'
Little Shrawardine Motte Shropshire                
Ludlow Town Wall Shropshire                
Lydham Castle Shropshire           new entry    
Marche Hall Shropshire             new entry removed
Middleton mottes Shropshire         removed      
Minton Castle Mound Shropshire                
Myddle Castle Shropshire       removed        
Redcastle Shropshire                
Shrewsbury Town Wall Shropshire                
Stapleton Moat Farm Shropshire       removed        
Stapleton Motte Shropshire       removed as 'previous risk assessments revised following reassessment'
Tenbury Wells Castle Tump Shropshire                
Tong Castle Hill Shropshire         removed      
Wattlesborough Hall Shropshire                
Weston under Redcastle; The Mount Shropshire         removed      
Willaston Castle Mound Shropshire           new entry removed  
Wilmington; The Mount Shropshire                
Wollaston Ceasers Camp Shropshire                
Yockleton; The Mount Shropshire         removed      
Bury Castle, Brompton Regis Somerset               new entry
Cadbury Castle Somerset   new entry            
Castle Neroche Somerset               new entry
Marston Moat, Trudoxhill Somerset                
Burton Upon Trent Abbey Staffordshire   removed            
Bury Bank, Stone Staffordshire               new entry
Heighley Castle Staffordshire                
Newcastle under Lyme Castle Staffordshire     new entry removed        
Norbury Hall Staffordshire   removed re-entry     removed    
Rodbaston Old Hall Staffordshire         new entry      
Stafford Town Defences Staffordshire     removed          
Tamworth town defences Staffordshire                
Bungay Castle Suffolk                
Bury St Edmunds Abbey Suffolk     new entry     removed    
Clare Castle Suffolk       new entry removed      
Mettingham Castle Suffolk   removed           re-entry
Mildenhall 'castellum' Suffolk     new entry          
South Elmham Hall Suffolk                
Wantisden Cumberlands Mount Suffolk         removed      
Hylton Castle Sunderland                
Betchworth Castle Surrey                
Bletchingley Castle Surrey                
West Horsley Place Surrey               new entry
Charlton Castle Telford and Wrekin                
Paignton Bishops Palace Torbay     new entry removed        
Pontefract Castle Wakefield                
Bradlegh Old Hall Warrington                
Astley Castle Warwickshire           removed    
Baginton Castle Warwickshire       removed        
Beaudesert Castle, Henley Warwickshire               removed
Botelers Castle, Oversley Warwickshire     new entry          
Brailes Castle Hill Motte Warwickshire                
Brandon Castle Warwickshire   removed re-entry          
Hartshill Castle Warwickshire                
Kingsbury Hall Warwickshire                
Oldbury Camp, Hartshill Warwickshire   new entry            
Oversley Village Defences Warwickshire                
Ratley Motte Warwickshire   removed            
Studley Old Castle Warwickshire             removed  
Warwick Castle Warwickshire       new entry        
Warwick Old Castle Bridge Warwickshire                
Lindfield Pims Lock West Sussex                
Pulborough Park Mount West Sussex                
Sedgwick Castle West Sussex                
Castle Orchard Wiltshire             removed  
Clarendon Palace Wiltshire               new entry
Devizes Castle Wiltshire                
Edington Priory Wiltshire                
Lewisham Castle, Aldbourne Chase Wiltshire             removed  
Stapleford Castle Wiltshire                
Woodhouse Castle, Horningsham Wiltshire   removed            
Crookbarrow Hill Worcestershire     removed       re-entry removed
Elmley Castle Worcestershire   removed            
Evesham Abbey Worcestershire                
Feckenham Court House Worcestershire           new entry    
Leigh Castle Green Worcestershire             new entry removed
Rochford Motte Worcestershire     removed          
Worcester Cathedral Priory Worcestershire               new entry
Worcester City Wall Worcestershire                
Total sites on Register 326 311 308 296 291 277 266 262
Number of sites removed (non-positive reasons) - 30 28 19 (+3) 19 23 21 17
Number of sites added (re-entries) - 15 23 (+2) 10 13 (+1) 9 8 (+2) 12 (+1)
Year on year percentage change - -4.6% -1.0% -3.9% -1.7% -4.8% -4.0% -1.5%
* While criminal damage to heritage sites, including illegal use of metal detectors to remove artifacts (Nighthawking), is to be deplored the things which generally destroy sites are deep ploughs, bulldozers or wreaking balls employed by property owners either for agricultural reasons, other 'improvements' or 'safety'. If you are concerned that a historic monument is under any type of threat contact the police and the local council archaeologist or planning officer. If it is safe to do so consider taking photographs of the individuals causing you concern and any vehicles associated with them, including images of registration plates.

This listing was last updated on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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