A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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The Survey Book of Norham and Islandshire 1561

This list is transcribed from Bates's transcription of The Survey Booke of Norham and Ilandshire, taken and made in the third yeare of our soueraigne Lady Elizabeth, Queene of Englnad, France, and Ireland, Def. of the Faith, etc., by Anthony Roone, Esqr., one of the Queene's Mats. Auditors, and Thomas Baytes, Gent., Surveyor of her Mats. Lands in the County of Northumberland. This version abridges the list to references to fortifications and omits the three township in the list which were without fortifications (Roose, Shoreswood, Lowlyn).

Name Description Modern Name
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Newbiging In the same towne is one tower in good reparacions and a good barnkin about the same West Newbiggin, Norham
Twizell There hath beene in the said towne one towre, or pile, which is of auncyent tyme decayed and cast downe, and there remayneth one parte or quarter thereof, and a barnkin about it. Twizell Castle
Tilmouth In the same towne is a little tower or pile much in decay, and a little barnekin about ye came Tilmouth Tower
Cornehylle There is in the same one towre, or pile with a barnekin about the same, and is in indifferent good reparacyons Cornhill Castle
Heaton In the same towne is the scite of a fayre castle decayed, which was destroyed by the Scotts in tyme of Kinge Henry the Seaventh, and neuer syne repaired, so that there remaneth no buildings save ye vauts of ye same and a dwelling house for ye fermor, and a barnekin. Castle Heaton Castle
Duddoo In the same is one pile, or tower, which is decayed by reason it was cast downe by the Scotts at Flodden-field1, and nyver repayred senths, and there standeth bot the halfe yr of, about the which is one barnekin Duddo Tower
Grydon There is at Grindon Ridge a towre in good reparacions Grindonrigg Tower
Ancroft In the same towne of Ancroft is one pile, builded to the end of the church, and dyvers good howses beside. Ancroft Church of St Ann
Felkyngton In the towne of Felkyngton is noe tower, or pile, but one bastall house of small strength. Felkington Bastle, Duddo
Ellwick There is in the same towne twoe towres. Elwick Tower of Thomas Bradforth
Elwick Tower of Thomas Elwyke
Fenham There is in the same towne one towre in good reparacions. Fenham Tower
Thornton There is in the same one towre which was cast downe at Flodden filed by the Scotts,2 and is not yet well repayred, bot yt one peece yett is in decay, and a barnkin about it. Thornton Tower, Shoreswood
Gosewick There is one good pile there builded vppon the enheritaunce of Thomas Swinhoe, and in good reparacions Goswick Tower, Ancroft
Skremerston There is in the same towne on good towre, with a barnekin in good reparacions. Scremerston Tower
Cheswick There is a little towre, ruinous and in dacy, of the inheritaunce of Thomas Maners. Cheswick Tower