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Lived Experience in the Later Middle Ages

Studies of Bodiam and Other Elite Landscapes in South-Eastern England
Matthew Johnson (ed)

This edited volume sets out the work of a team of scholars from Northwestern University and the University of Southampton led by Matthew Johnson, in collaboration with the National Trust. Between 2010 and 2014, different members of the group carried out topographical, geophysical and building survey at four different late medieval sites and landscapes in south-eastern England, all owned and managed by the National Trust: Bodiam, Scotney, Knole and Ightham. Studies were also undertaken into documentary, map and other evidence. A particularly important element of the research was to synthesise and re-present the ‘grey literature’ at all four sites. This volume seeks to present this work and discuss its archaeological and historical importance. It places the four sites and their landscapes in their setting, as part of the wider landscape of south-east England. It discusses the importance of these places in understanding later medieval elite sites and landscapes in general, and in terms of their long-term biographies and contexts. Central to the volume are the linked ideas of lived experience and political ecology in presenting a new understanding of late medieval sites and landscapes. (Oxbow books blurb)
Table of Contents
Foreword Ian Barnes
One: Introduction: Narrative of the project Matthew Johnson
Two: Work at Bodiam 2000-2010 Richard James, Casper Johnson, Matthew Johnson, David Martin, Matt Pope
Three: Bodiam: A new survey of the interior Catriona Cooper, Penny Copeland, Matthew Johnson
Four: Bodiam as a landscape of work: Topographical and geophysical survey Dominic Barker, Kathryn A Catlin, Matthew Johnson, Timothy Sly, Kristian Strutt
Five: The environment of Bodiam: Land, vegetation and human impacts Kathryn A Catlin, Penny Copeland, Matthew Johnson, Rob Scaife
Six: Scotney: Topographical survey and map analysis Eric Johnson, Timothy Sly
Seven: Knole: Sport, labour and social contest Dominic Barker, Ryan Lash, Kristian Strutt
Eight: Ightham: Topographical and geophysical survey and 3D analysis of the landscape Matthew Johnson, Timothy Sly, Carrie Willis
Nine: Lived experience at Bodiam and Ightham Catriona Cooper
Ten: Moated sites in the Weald Eric Johnson
Eleven: Publics, volunteers and communities Becky Peacock
Twelve: Discussion: Lived experience and poltical ecology in south-eastern England Matthew Johnson
Thirteen: Conclusion: How landscapes work in the later Middle Ages and beyond Matthew Johnson
One: Summary and guide to archaeological finds from Bodiam Castle Kathryn A Catlin
Two: A layperson’s account of survey techniques Kathryn A Catlin, Kristian Strutt
Three: Further details of environmental methods Kathryn A Catlin, Penny Copeland, Rob Scaife

Published by The Highfield Press (2017; Oxford)
ISBN: 9780992633660

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