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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 15/5/1279, concerning bailiffs of Great Yarmouth.

Appointment of Oliver de Ingham and John de la More to audit the accounts of the bailiffs of Great Yarmouth and of the collectors of the murage granted to them, as the king hears that the bailiffs and burgesses convert it to their own uses, so that the wall is not yet begun; and they are to deliver the said money to trustworthy persons according to the ordinance of the commonalty and themselves for the building of the said wall.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 7). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By the hand of Master Thomas Bek..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Oliver de Ingham; John de la More
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1901, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward I (1272-81) Vol. 1 p. 315

Secondary Sources
Coulson, Charles, 2009, Murage Grants (Handwritten list and notes)
Turner, H.L., 1971, Town Defences in England and Wales (London) p. 139

Coulson also suggests, since last murage grants was for 6 years in 1261, that this may be evidence that murage was being collected illicitly

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