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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 20/1/1318, concerning Cork.

Rex concess' majori, ballivis & comitati civit' Cork quod quieti sint de compoto reddend' de murag' per ipsos antehac in dicta civit' capto; et eciam quod non solvant pro gaugeia vinor' nisis ut hactenus; et quad arestare possint omnes coram eis convictos de debito, quousq' inde satisfeceint, ut consuever' temporib' retroact'; et quod nillus extraneus portet arma in dicta civit' sine volunt' civium. Clonmele, 20 Jan.
17 July 1330 4 Edward III Woodstock
Inspeximus of letters patent under the seal of Ireland, dated 20 January, 11 Edward II., and attested by Roger de Mortuo Mari, then the king's deputy in that country, being a grant to the mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of the city of Cork, that they be quit of rendering an account of murage taken prior to that date, and from payment for the gauging of wines, except as has been accustomed, that they may arrest for debt, and that no stranger may bear arms in the city against their will, save only the king's ministers. By K.
Rex omnibus Ballivis et fidelibus suis in Hibern ad quos praesentes littere pervenerint salutem Sciatis quod concessimus majori et Ballivis et comitati Civitatis nostre Cork' quod quieti sint de Compoto reddendo de muragio per ipsos capto in Civitate praedicta ex concessione nostra et domini E' Regnum patris nostri ante vicesimum diem Januar' anno r. n. undecimo Et concessimus eis quod non solvant pro gaugeria vinorum nisi secundum quod hactenus solvere consueveruent Et quad arestare possint omnes {coram} eis convictos de debito, quousqe inde satisfecerint, prout uti consueverunt temporibus retroacts Et quod nullus extraneus portet arma in civitate preadicta sine voluntate ipsorum Civium ministris nostris {duntaxat exceptis In cujus rei etc} T' Rogero de mortuo mari etc apud Clonmele xxo die Januar' anno regni nostri undecimo.
20 Jan. 1318 Clonmel
GRANT to the mayor, bailiffs and community of the city of Cork that they may be quit of rendering an account of the murage taken before this in the city, and that they shall not pay for the gauging of wines except what they have hitherto paid. and that they may arrest all those convicted before them for debt, until they make satisfaction, as they used to do in past times, and that no outsider carry arms within the city unless the citizens wish it.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 11). Granted at Clonmele.
Primary Sources
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A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters, c. 1244–1509, PR 11 Edw. II View CIRCLE record

Secondary Sources
Coulson, Charles, 2009, Murage Grants (Handwritten list and notes)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 15/01/2009. Last updated on 18/01/2013. First published online 9/01/2013.

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