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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 11/10/1341, concerning Nicholas Moundelard, John Vismark, John Twygg and others of Suthampton.

Commission of oyer and terminer to Richard de Lymbodeseye, Bartholomew de Lyle, John de Bukelaunde and Robert de Hoo, touching (1) the account of all moneys collected in the town of Suthampton for murage, quayage and barbicanage, by virtue of grants of Edward II, and the present king, by Nicholas Moundelard, John Vismark, John Twygg and others of the said town appointed to, receive the same, who are said to have converted the same to their own use; (2) goods of the king's brother, Reginald, duke of Gueldres, lately plundered from his ships on the sea; (3) the sale of some ships of the said town to men of Spain at that time at enmity with the king; and (4) forty sacks of wool lately purveyed for the king's war, which the said Nicholas is said to have carried away from the said town and caused to be taken to foreign parts by his servants without payment of the custom, and subsidy due thereon, and there sold.
Feb. 15. 1342, Westminster.
Substitution of John de Stouford for Bartholomew de Isle, who is at present attendant upon the king's business elsewhere, in the commissions of oyer and terminer lately issued to Richard de Lymboldeseye, the said Bartholomew, John de Bokeland and Robert de Hoo, touching (1) alleged misappropriation of murage, kayage and barbicanage at Suthampton, and (2) the plunder of goods of Reginald, duke of Gueldres, the king's brother, from his ships while upon the sea.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 15). Granted at Sheen. Grant by By K. & C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Richard de Lymbodeseye; Bartholomew de Lyle; John de Bukelaunde; Robert de Hoo
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Secondary Sources
Coulson, Charles, 2009, Murage Grants (Handwritten list and notes)
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