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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 4/8/1350, concerning St. Peter's Port.

Commission to John Mautravers, keeper of the islands of Gereseye, Gernereye, Serk and Aureneye, setting forth that, whereas the king lately ordained that in place of the ruined castle of Chirburgh in Gernereye, wherein in time of war the people of the island were wont to take refuge, the town of St. Peter's Port should be enclosed to serve as a refuge for them and their goods, and granted to the good men of that town murage for one year after the rate of four pence of Tours on every pound of Tours of merchandise sold and bought in the island, one half to be paid by the seller and one half by the buyer, he now understands that some refuse to pay the same on the ground that they are quit of such customs and all other tallages for a certain sum called royal aid, which they pay yearly; and, in view of the fact that the custom is for their own defence and preservation and cannot be called a tallage, as no part thereof is taken for the king's use, commanding him on his faith and allegiance to see that the custom is levied on all persons buying and selling merchandise in the island, for one whole year from St. Bartholomew next, by some good men of the town and applied with all speed to the enclosing of the same, and that all persons found rebellious herein be committed to prison until the king give order for their punishment.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 24). Granted at Rotherhithe. . Grant by By K. & C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were John Mautravers, keeper of the islands of Gereseye, Gernereye, Serk and Aureneye
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1905, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward III (1348-50) Vol. 8 p. 559

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