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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 13/11/1279, concerning Newcastle-on-Tyne.

November 13. 1279. Westminster
To the barons of the exchequer. Order to cause to be allowed to Geoffrey de Catefeld and Henry le Escot of Newcastle-on-Tyne, keepers of the murage of that town, in their account as much as has been usually allowed to other keepers of the murage of that town.
May 27. 1280. Westminster. 8 Edward I
Grant to Henry le Escot and Geoffrey de Gatesfeld, collectors of the murage of the town of Newcastle-on-Tyne, by the view of the mayor and bailiffs of that town, of as much out of the said murage for their labour yearly as other collectors received before them.

{Entry not dated, on start of membrane 16 and next entry dated 27 May.}
Demise to farm to Hugh de Marchingelee and Geoffrey de Gatesfeld of the murage lately granted to the bailiffs and good men of Newcastle on Tyne for seven years from Whitsunday, 8. Edward I. at a rent of 120l. to wit, 60.l at Martinmas and Whitsunday respectively; a moiety of the payment of each term to be delivered to the sheriff of Northumberland for the repair of the castle of the said town, and the other moiety to the works of the town wall, and to be so applied by view and testimony of the mayor and bailiffs; and grant that the said murage be levied as well on burgesses within the town (intrinsecis) as on merchants from without the town (forinsecis) buying and selling therein.
Vacated because surrendered and cancelled.
Acquittance to Hugh de Marchingle, Nicholas le Escot and Thomas son of Henry de Karliolo, collectors and keepers of the murage granted by Henry III. for five years to the men of Newcastle-on-Tyne of the arrears of the said murage which it appears by the audit of their account of receipts and expenses by Thomas de Normanvill, appointed to audit and receive the said accounts, amount to 73s. 9d., on payment of a fine of ten marks, to be applied to the repair of the castle by the constable thereof.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 7). Granted at Westminster.
Primary Sources
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Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1901, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward I (1272-81) Vol. 1 p. 373-4

Secondary Sources
Coulson, Charles, 2009, Murage Grants (Handwritten list and notes)
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Thomas Normanvill, the king's escheator north of the Trent (Turner)
Entry not dated, on start of membrane 16 and next entry dated 27 May.

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