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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 24/12/1389, concerning Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Commission to Henry de Percy le Fitz, Aymer de Athetill, Ralph de Eure, Thomas de Motherby, Thomas de Watton and Henry de Byngefeld to enquire touching the complaint of the burgesses and inhabitants of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, that whereas by divers letters patent the king granted to them certain customs in aid of the fortification of their walls and turrets and the repair of the common roads and highways there, and subsequently by other letters patent granted to them 100l. and 100 marks to be expended upon the fortification and repair of the place, they the said burgesses, in their full court of Guildhall (Gihalde), with the assent of the mayor and commonalty, granted amongst themselves an impost of 1d. for every quarter of coals delivered therein, to be levied and taken by certain sufficient persons elected and appointed bv them, until the town was sufficiently repaired: and although the said persons have accordingly levied upwards of 3000l. for the purpose, some of the town utterly refuse to pay their share or permit the same to be demanded from them. The commissioners are to see whether the sums levied have been applied as directed, and if not, to effect due execution of the matter, to call before them such men as have received the sums to account for the same, audit their account and do aught else the case requires. By C.
March 20. 1390. Westminster
To Henry de Percy the son, Aymer de Athell, Ralph de Eure, Thomas de Motherby, Thomas de Watton and Henry de Byngfelde, lately appointed to make inquisition at Newcastle upon Tyne whether certain sums and customs granted by the king to the late burgesses and inhabitants in aid of the fortification of the walls and towers and repair of the streets and ways there are being so spent or no. Writ of supersedeas until Ascension day next, as some of them are of ill will to the town, as the king has learned by credible witness.
June 30. 1390. Westminster
Revocation, for certain causes moving the king and council, of letters patent appointing Henry de Percy 'le Fitz,' Aymar de Atthell, Ralph de Eure,Thomas de Motherby, Thomas de Watton, and Henryde Byngefeld to enquire whether certain sums granted by the king to the burgesses and inhabitants of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in aid of the fortification and repair of that town, have been so expended. By C.

Granted by Richard II. (Regnal year 13). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Henry de Percy le Fitz; Aymer de Athetill; Ralph de Eure; Thomas de Motherby; Thomas de Watton; Henry de Byngefeld
Primary Sources
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Secondary Sources
Coulson, Charles, 2009, Murage Grants (Handwritten list and notes)

Not noted in the original entry to be vacated. Cross referencing on the rolls is rather haphazard (Coulson).

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 10/02/2009. Last updated on 20/01/2013. First published online 9/01/2013.

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