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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 5/11/1408, concerning sheriffs of London (a complaint by citizens of Winchester).

Composicio int' Maiorem Aldr'os et co'itatem civitat' London' et cives civitat' Wyntonien'.
5 Nov., 10 Henry IV. {A.D. 1408}, came Mark Leffeyre, the Mayor, William Wode, the Recorder, and William Archier, one of the Bailiffs of the City of Winchester, on behalf of themselves and the Commonalty of the Guild Merchant of the said City, before Drew Barantyn, the Mayor, and the Aldermen of the City of London, and complained that Sheriffs' officers had distrained the goods of freemen of the said Guild for a custom of 2s. on every cartload of goods purchased in the said City, and for scavage (scavinga), contrary to the composition made between the Cities of London and Winchester anno 32 Edward I. as recorded in Letter-Book C, fo. lxxxi {b}, and they prayed that citizens of Winchester might in future be exempt from such payment in accordance with the composition aforesaid.
Thereupon the said Mayor and Aldermen, after examining the composition, decreed that restitution should be made of what had been taken in contravention of the same, and that no distress should in future be made unless evidence were forthcoming that such custom should be paid.

Primary Sources
Bird, W.H.B. (ed), 1925, The Black Book of Winchester (Winchester) p. 10-15
Sharpe, R.R. (ed), 1909, Calendar of letter-books of the city of London: I: 1400-1422 Folio lxxx online copy

Secondary Sources
Hannes Kleineke, 2006, 'Market Privileges 1401-1410', Borough Market Privileges: The hinterland of medieval London, c.1400 online copy

Records of a dispute between the citizens of Winchester and the citizens of London, on complaint by the citizens of Winchester that contrary to an agreement between the cities certain of them have been distrained for the payment of customs by the sheriffs of London. (Letter Book I, p. 70) They cite in evidence: An agreement between the citizens of London and of Winchester dated 24/3/1304, according to which the citizens of Winchester shall be quit of pontage, murage, pavage and all other customs on their merchandise in London, except for tronage of wool and the customs on hides and woolfells. The citizens of London shall be quit of pontage, pavage, murage and all other toll and customs whatsoever in Winchester. (Letter Book C, p. 133) {the same agreement is enrolled a second time on p. 23} A letter (French) from the citizens of the gild merchant of Winchester to the mayor of London, citing various cases of toll and customs taken at Billingsgate, Ludgate and Newgate, contrary to their privileges. A writ of Henry IV, dated 1406-7, to the mayor and sheriffs of London, ordering them to allow the citizens of Winchester to enjoy their privileges, including quittance from toll, lastage, pontage, passage, chiminage, murage, pavage, quayage, picage and all other customs, which they have repeatedly denied them, or alternatively to appear themselves before the king at the quindene of St Hillary to answer for their contempt. A writ of Henry IV dated 10/10/1408 to the sheriffs of London regarding the non-appearance of the former sheriffs of London, Henry Barton and William Crowemer. {Winchester Black Book, 10-15} (Kleineke)

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