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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1562, concerning Carrickfergus, Ireland.

Report of the Earl Of Sussex.
Having travelled seven years as Lieutenant or Deputy to your Majesty and Queen Mary, I have thought it my duty to set forth in this short note, written with my own hand, what I have conceived for the reducing of your English subjects in this realm to live under the obedience of the law, and of your Irish subjects to live under the direction of certain constitutions more agreeable to their natures and customs.
The opinion of the Earl of Sussex, Lieutenant-General, as well for the ordering of Ulster as the government of the whole realm, after Shane O'Nele shall be expulsed.
The day of {Blank in MS.} 1562.
To draw the people of those parts to a more civility a walled town is to be made at Knokefergus, and another upon the riv'er of Lowghefoyle, at the charges of the countries adjoining or at the Queen's charges, upon a rent reserved in fee farm ; at which two ports all merchandises should be laden and unladen that were to be laden or unladen between Carlyngford and Gallawaye northwards." To encourage traffic thither, those towns must have great privileges. They will be a great means to keep all the parts adjoining in obedience, when they shall be able upon all occasions to receive the President and his whole force.
A like town is also to be made at the Newery, if the Queen exchange possessions with Sir Nicholas Bagnoll. The farm of those possessions will be a great help to the maintaining of the President.

Granted by Elizabeth I.
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Earl Of Sussex
Primary Sources
Brewer, J.S. and Bullen, W. (eds), 1867, Calendar of the Carew manuscripts, 1515-1616 (London) p. 333 online copy

Secondary Sources
Thomas, A., 1992, The Walled Towns of Ireland Vol. 2 (Irish Academic Press) p. 37-43

The 1562 Sussex report on the proposed presidency of Ulster suggested that a walled town be made at Carrickfergus (and Newry) 'to draw the people of these parts to greater civility ... at the charge of the county adjacent and at the Queen's charge upon rent received in fee-farm' (CCP 333). (Thomas)

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