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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 4/10/1398, concerning Kilkenny, Ireland.

{1398, Oct. 4}
Memorandum quod die Ueneris proximo post festum Sancti Michaelis anno regni regis Ricardi xxijo Johannes Brown et Dauid Girdeler ceperunt muragium uille Kilkennie reddendo inde dictis superiori et communitati pro illo anno iijli.
Memorandum quod die Ueneris proximo post festum Sancti Michaelis anno regni regis Henrici (sic) tercio Willelmus Ston et Johannes Deier ceperunt muragium uille Kilkennie usque dictum diem anno reuoluto viz. per unum annum pro xls.

Granted by Richard II. (Regnal year 22).
Primary Sources
Otway-Ruthven, A.J., 1961, Liber Primus Kilkenniensis , {English translation of McNeill, C.,1931, Liber Primus Kilkenniensis: the earliest of the books of the corporation of Kilkenny now extant. (Irish Maunscripts Commission, Dublin)} p. 45 No41

Secondary Sources
Munby, J. and Tyler, R., 2005, Kilkenny City Walls: Heritage Conservation Plan. Kilkenny (The Heritage Council) p. 136 online copy
Thomas, A., 1992, The Walled Towns of Ireland Vol. 2 (Irish Academic Press) p. 126-32

It is clear, from indirect records, that murage was also in operation at Irishtown in the late 14th century - in 1377 (sic) Kilkenny murage was farmed for 6 marks p.a. and Irishtown for about 1 mark (LPK 41). (Thomas)
This is not a murage grant but is excellent evidence of murage collection. Thomas's writing might be read to suggest Irish town was granted a separate murage, and had a separate civic administration, as a Drogheda, but this seems unlikely and this is merely a division of the farming.

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