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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1275, concerning Stamford.

De custodibus operac'onum muragiorum & fil'ium ubicumque f'carum pro precept' domini R. &c.
Dicunt quod xiij annis elaps' & amplius Walters le Flemeng Walters de Brunne Rob's fil' Angnet' & Rad's de Stokes fuerunt primo custodes muragii Stanford' per unum annum intergrum Et praedictas Walters de Brunne h'uit comod' inde eodem anno ad valenciam unius marce seil't de maeremio antiq' porte ad pontem STANFORD' facte & de novo constructe. Et post annum illum fuernt custodes illius muragii Ric' de Cotesmor et Hugo de Weldon per quinque annos Et Ric' de Cotesmor h'uit inde commodum ad valenciam x marc' Et Hugo de Weldon ad valenciam ij marc' deinde post quinque annos elapsos fuerunt custodes illius muragii Math's de Eston & d'cs Hug' de Weldon & steterunt usque nunc & Math's de Eston h'uit inde comod' ad valenciam xx marcarum & amplius & Hug' de Weledon ad valenciam unius marce.
Itm dicunt quod Rob's le Barbur fuit collector dicti muragii ad portam pontis STAUNFORD' toto tempore antedicto & collegit de praedicto muragio plusqa' reddidit dictis custodibus unum marcam & amplius & hoc sibimet retinuit.
Itm Henr' de Depinge & Will's Tinctor collectores dicti muragii ad portam occidentalem STAUNFORD' toto temprere praedicto collexerunt de murag' plusqa' reddiderunt custodibus ejusdem dimid' marcam & amplibus quam sibi ip'is retinuerunt.
Itm Henr' de Lindeseye mortuus & Thm' le Barbur qui suerant collectores murag' ad potam SCOFTEGATE per tot' tpros antidictam collexerunt reddiderunt custodibus xxx fol' quos si ip'is retinuerunt.
Itm Will's de Pikworth qi fuit collector muragii ad portam orientalem per unum annum collexit plus qa redd' custod' iiij s. qos sibimet retinuit & Symon de Clive collector illius muragii ad eandum portam per vj annos collexit plus qa' reddidit custodibus muragii xxx sol' & amplius qos simet retinuit.
Itm Jol'ies Kymme collector murag' ad portam de CORNESTAL per totum tempus murag' collexit plus qi' reddidit custod' ejusdem dimid' marcam & amplius sibimet retinuit. (see rh1-357.pdf)
Also concerning the keepers of works, as murages and the lime, wherever undertaken by order of the lord king, etc.

They say that King Henry, father of the present king, granted to the burgesses of Stamford (a murage) for ten years. Walter le Fleming, Walter de Bourne, Robert son of Isaac, and Ralph de Stoke were the keepers of this murage in the first year, and Walter de Bourne retained for his own benefit assets worth one mark. Thereafter, Richard de Cottesmore and Hugh de Weldon were keepers of the murage for five years and Richard de Cottesmore had therefrom eight marks for his own profit and Hugh de Weldon assets worth 40s. After these five years, the said Hugh de Weldon and Matthew de Easton were keepers of the murage and have been to the present day. Matthew has had therefrom twenty marks for his own benefit and Hugh de Weldon one mark.
They say that Robert le Barbur, Henry de Lindsey, William de Pickworth, Simon de King's Cliffe, (Thomas le Barbur), and John Kyme were collectors of the said murage at the gates of the town of Stamford. They retained for their own benefit from this murage the sums that appear below, viz: Robert le Barbur one mark, Henry de Deeping and William half a mark and more, Henry de Lindsey and Thomas le Barbur 30s., William de Pickworth 4s., Simon de King's Cliffe 30s., and John Kyme 5s. (Translation by David Roffe)

Granted by Edward I.
Primary Sources
Rotuli Hundredorum (Record Commission) Vol. 1 p. 357
Roffe, David (ed, 1994, Stamford in the Thirteenth Century: two inquisitions from the reign of Edward I (Stamford: Paul Watkins) an extract is available

Secondary Sources
Turner, H.L., 1971, Town Defences in England and Wales (London) p. 34

At Stamford and Lincoln the collectors were accused of taking the stone brought for the town to their own use, and at Bath there were complaints that the existing walls were being used as quarries for building stone. (Turner)

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