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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 8/7/1329, concerning various towns in Leinster (a complaint by Sovereign and community of Kilkenny).

8 Jul. 1329. An 3 Edw. III
Edwardus dei gracia Rex Anglie dominus hibernie et dux Acquiten' Omnibus ballivis et ministris omnium villarum et villatarum lagen' et ceteris quibuscumque de eisdem pertibus salutem Supplicarunt nobis superior et Comitas ville kilkenn' quod cum ipsi per Cartam Wilhelmi nuper Comitis Maresch' et Pembroch' tempere quo idem Comes extiterat dominus tocius terre lagen' concessisset Burgens' et Comitati ville praedict' qui pro temere fuerunt diversas libertates inter quas videlicet quod ipsi imperpetuum per totam lagen' terram et potestatem suam tam in villis quam alibi essent quieti de Theolonio lastagio passag' pontagio et de omnibus aliis consuetudinibus quibuscumque quam quidem Cartam inspeximus quidam ballivi et ministri diversarum villarum lagen' praedict' quibus jam de novo muragium pro villis suis muribus lapideis includend' et pro reperacione pontium fractorum reperand' concesserimus burgens' ville praedicte et eorum homines per villas villatas et pontes lagen' praedictas cum divers' merchandizis suis transeuntes ad muragium pontagium et alias consuetudines praestand' distringunt in impositiorum dampnum non modicum et gravamen ut eis super hoc subvenire dignaremur Nos vero nolentes quod praedictis superiori et Comitati seu burgens' vill' praedicte ratione alicujus Concessionis nostre praedicte contra tenorem Carte praedicte aliqualiter injurietur vobis mandamus quod praedictos superiorem et Comitatem ac Burgens' seu homines suos cum merchandisis suis per villas et pontes praedictas transeuntes contra tenor' Carte praedicte non molestetis in aliquo seu inquietetis sed impos libere transire et libertatibus suis omnimod' praedictis uti et gaudere permittatis juxta tenorem Carte sue praedicte In Cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes Teste Johanne de Arcy Justiciario nostro hibernie Apud kilken' viiio die Jull Anno Regni nostri tercio.
King Edward grants a protection to Sovereign and community of Kilkenny against being troubled for payment of murage in other towns (since their charter only made them free of pontage)
8 Jul. 1329 Kilkenny
To all bailiffs and ministers of all the towns and villages of Leinster.
The sovereign and community of the town of Kilkenny have petitioned that whereas William, late earl Marshal and earl of Pembroke, at the time when the earl {…} and lord of the whole land of Leinster granted by charter to the burgesses and community of the town of Kilkenny for the time being various liberties, and among them that they should forever be quit in the whole land of Leinster and his power, both in towns and also elsewhere, of toll, lastage, passage, pontage, and all other customs whatsoever (which charter the K. has inspected), yet the bailiffs and ministers of various towns of Leinster, who have lately been granted murage to enclose their towns with stone walls and to repair broken bridges, distrain the burgesses of Kilkenny and their men passing through the towns, townships and bridges of Leinster with their merchandise to pay murage, pontage, and other customs, to their considerable damage and harm which it is considered proper to prevent. Not wishing that sovereign and community or burgesses of the town should be in any way injured because of these grants against the tenor of the charter, ORDER to all the bailiffs {etc.} of towns {etc.} in Leinster not to molest or trouble the sovereign and community or burgesses of Kilkenny or their men passing with their merchandise through the towns and bridges aforesaid, but allow them to pass freely, and use and enjoy their liberties in every way according to the tenor of their charter.
Attested: John Darcy, Jcr
Authorized: By bill of the Jcr.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 3). Granted at Kilkenny.
Primary Sources
Irish Record Commission, 1829-30, Chartae Privilegia et Immunitates p. 53 (Ref. E Rot Pat 2 Edw. VI. m.9.d.)
Liber Primus Kilkenniensis (1961), 16-17.
A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters, c. 1244–1509, PR 3 Edw. III View CIRCLE record

Secondary Sources
Munby, J. and Tyler, R. 2005, Kilkenny City Walls: Heritage Conservation Plan. Kilkenny (The Heritage Council) p. 191, 193 online
1835, Reports from Commissioners Vol. 28 p. 451 online
Morrin, J. (ed), 1861, Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth: 1514-1575 Vol. 1 p. 523 view online

A writ dated the 18th November, 4 Richard II., (A. D. 1380,) enrolled, (Rot. Pat. 4 Richard II. 4 Rich. II. m. 5,) and directed to the mayor, &c. of Waterford, recites that the sovereigns and commonalties of the towns of Callan and Kilkenny had shown to the King, that those towns were part of the lordship of the Earl of Gloucester, and that all merchants and others within that lordship ought to be free of customs and murage for their merchandise, which liberties the said sovereigns, &c. had used from the foundation of those towns; and it was commanded, that they should not be molested against the tenour of those liberties. (Com. Report and very similar in Cal.)

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