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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1/2/1377, concerning Friar Preachers Limerick.

1 Feb. 1377 Dublin
To the mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of the K.'s city of Limerick.
The prior and brethren of the order of Friars Preachers in that city have pleaded to the K. by their petition displayed in the parliament held at Dublin on Thursday after Epiphany last {8 Jan. 1377} that the K. granted the mayor, bailiffs and community of Limerick the farm of that city, together with rents, customs, services and other things belonging or pertaining to the K. in that city for a certain term of years, to be received by their deputies in aid of the repair and improvement of the walls and other fortifications of that city, as is contained the K.'s letters patent. There are still four years remaining of that term. Although the house {mansio} of the friars preachers is situated next to the walls of the city, and a part of the city is enclosed by the same house, the mayor and citizens would not grant them part of the farm, rents {etc.} in aid of the repair and improvement of their house and the enclosing of the walls of that city, which threaten to fall down unless they receive help; and the said prior and brethren are not sufficient to repair them, as they say. So that the prior and brethren can repair their buildings, the K. has granted them 40s of rent from tenements in Mynoter Corbaly, which is a parcel of the rent granted to the mayor {etc.} to have for as long as the grant of the farm {etc.} lasts. ORDER to permit the prior and brethren to take that rent, notwithstanding the K.'s grant to them.
Attested: James Butler, e. Ormond

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 51). Granted at Dublin.
Primary Sources
A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters, c. 1244–1509, CR 51 Edw. III View CIRCLE record
Irish Record Commission, 1829-30, Chartae Privilegia et Immunitates p. 72 (ref. E Rot. Claus. 51 Edw.II.m.3 f.)
Tresham, E. (ed), 1828, Rotulorum patentium et clausorum cancellariae Hiberniae calendarium (Dublin) p. 100 No. 20

Doesn't seem to be any new money involved here, just money going from town to the friary. What this does show is that this section of the town wall was the responsibility of the friary.

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