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Bonnegarde petitioned for a grant of murage in {? 1342}.

Petitioners: People of Bonnegarde.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Bonnegarde, Gascony, {France}.
Nature of request: The people of Bonnegarde state that their town is on the frontier with the king's enemies, and more troubled by the enemy than any other place in Gascony, and that in the last four years they have been deprived of everything they have except the gates of their town, and have received no aid in men or money from the king or his seneschal. Because of this they have paid themselves for 200 foot soldiers to defend their town throughout the war, and are greatly impoverished. They request aid in men and money, and that their proctors in England might be given some payment for their wages; or, if it does not please the king and council to do this, to give the proctors some counsel and aid, so that they can return to their country without shame to the king or to themselves.
Endorsement: {None}

Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/285/14226–*

Secondary Sources
Beresford, M., 1967, New Towns of the Middle Ages (London) p. 601

Tentatively dated to 1342, with reference to m.32 and m.12 of C 61/54, which are dated respectively 9 March and 1 June 16 Edward III, and which might well be in response to this petition. (National Archive note)
as late as 1340 the townspeople were asking for walls and a fortified bridge to defend the town itself. (C61/52 m. 8 and SC8/14226). (Beresford)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 21/04/2009. Last updated on 22/03/2012. First published online 6/01/2013.

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