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Ludlow petitioned for a grant of murage in {1327}.

Nature of request: Roger de Mortemer of Wigmore makes requests:
1) He requests a fair at Ludlow, and the fee of the charter; and also murage there for seven years.
2) He states that he has received little of the 2000 marks assigned to him by the King, to be received from the Chamberlain of Caernarfon, and requests another assignment, that of the tithe in the bishoprics of Hereford and Worcester, or elsewhere.
3) He states that when he was given the marriage of the heir of Nicholas Daudeleie it was not specified that this was to be from heir to heir: he asks that the grant might be renewed with this specification.
Endorsement: The first has been done. The King will be advised concerning the other.

The first has been done. The King will be advised concerning the other.

Details of the murage grant which resulted from this petition can be seen at this link. Click Here
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/86/4291 Former Reference - Parliamentary Petition 5856

The writ for CIPM, vol. VI p.56 is dated 6 December 10 Edward II (1316), and the petition must date from after this. A note inserted into this file, written by R. L. Atkinson on 3 May 1932, reads, 'Nos. 4270-4300 are copied in R.C. Transcripts I 156, and apparently from part of an original file of petitions to the parliament of Michaelmas 1320. Cf. Parl. Proc. (Chancery) 5/4'. C 49/5/4 is merely a label, 'The petitions of William de Herlaston from the King's parliament held at Westminster at the octave of Michaelmas in his fourteenth year, which were answered by the auditors of petitions, delivered into Chancery to be expedited': nevertheless, this petition is tentatively dated to 1320, as many of those in the file that can be dated seem to come from that year. Petitions Relating to Wales p.127, however, dates this petition to 1327-9, after Mortimer's return from exile. (National Archive note)
The most likely grant is that of 24 Feb. 1327 for 6 years, which specifically mentions Roger (CPR (1327-1330) p. 14). S. Letters Gazetter of Markets and Fairs dates the fair to a Charter of 25 Nov. 1328 ref. CChR, 1327–41, p. 94 which is also suggestive of date c. 1327 rather than 1320.

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