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Norwich petitioned for a grant of murage in {1305}.

79. original petition: SC 8/275, no. 13746
A nostre seignur rey Dengleterre priunt ses citeyns de Norwyz de sa grace especiale ke, cum nostre seingur le rey eyt einz ces urs par sa grace graunte un especial eyde a ses citeins de Norwyz de murage a surte de sa cite, quele chaunce ke aveinge, quel terme est ja passe, ke nostre seingur le rey voyle, sy li plet, graunter a eus un autre terme de set aunz.
Rex concessit quod habeant per quinque annos.
In cancellaria.
His citizens of Norwich pray our lord the king of England of his special grace that, whereas our lord the king has prior to now granted a special aid to his citizens of Norwich of murage for the security of his city against whatever chance might occur, which term has now expired, that our lord the king will, if it please him, grant them another term of seven years.
The king grants that they may have it for five years.
In chancery.
It is enrolled.
As enrolled
79 (78). Ad peticionem civium Norwici, petencium graciam regis quod, cum alias concesserit civibus predictis speciale auxilium pro muragio habendo ad securitatem civitatis predicte, unde terminus preteriit, quod rex eis velit alium terminum \de hujusmodi muragio/ concedere etc., ita responsum est: rex concessit quod habeant per quinque annos etc.

79 (78). The citizens of Norwich. To the petition of the citizens of Norwich, requesting the king's grace that, whereas he previously granted the aforesaid citizens a special aid to receive murage for the security of the aforesaid city, the term of which has passed, the king might be pleased to grant them another term of this murage etc., this answer is given: the king has granted that they may have it for five years etc.

the king has granted that they may have it for five years etc.

Details of the murage grant which resulted from this petition can be seen at this link. Click Here
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/275/13746
Brand, P. (ed), 2005, 'Edward I: Roll 12' Text/Translation and appendix, in The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England ed. C. Given-Wilson et al., item 79. Internet version, at, accessed on 21/04/2009. (Scholarly Digital Editions, Leicester)

The petition is dated to 1305 as a Latin summary of the petition was enrolled on the section of the parliament roll which was produced for the Lent parliament of 1305 (PROME, roll 12, Introduction, and Appendix, no.79). (National Archive note)

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