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citizens of Rochester (civibus Roff') was granted an exemption from murage dated 6/2/1266.

Allocacio facta civibus Roff' de muragio.
Writ to the Mayor and Sheriffs that they allow citizens of Rochester to enjoy their chartered liberties. Witness the King at York, 27 Jan., 7 Edward III. {A.D. 1332-3}.
The above writ having been read before John de Prestone, Mayor, Gregory de Nortone, Henry de Secheford, and other Aldermen {not named}, on Thursday after Ash Wednesday {18 Feb.}, the year aforesaid, as well as the charter to the said citizens by King Henry {III.}, and confirmation of the same by the present King, granting them immunity from stallage and murage, it was allowed that they should be quit of murage in the City of London, &c.
July 14. 1438. Windsor Castle. 16 Henry VI.
… and further granted to them that they shall be quit of lastage and murage throughout the realm; …
By p.s. and for 100s. paid in the hanaper.

Granted by Henry III. (Regnal year 50). Granted at York.
Primary Sources
Bartlett, P.H., 1961, The City of Rochester Charters p. 21
Sharpe, R.R. (ed), 1903, Calendar of letter-books of the city of London E: 1314-1337 - Folio ccxxxv b. online (Reportedly not calendared by PRO.)
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1927, Calendar of Charter Rolls 5 Henry VI - 8 Henry VIII, AD 1427-1516, with an appendix, 1215-1288 Vol. 6. (HMSO) p. 2-4

Secondary Sources
Hasted, E., 1798, The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent Vol. 4 p. 45-86 online

King Henry III. by his letters patent, in the 50th year of his reign, not only confirmed the charter of king Henry II. but in recompence for the faithful service of the citizens, and the damages and losses they had sustained in their obedience to him during the time of the troubles then in the kingdom, remitted to them a part of their annual fee ferm; and he granted, that they should be exempt from toll, lastage, stallage, and murage, throughout England and the sea-ports, and should have a free market within their city, and the return of all writs whatsoever. (Hasted)

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