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burgesses of Nottingham (burgensibus de Nottingham) was granted an exemption from murage dated 16/3/1314.

{E}DWARDUS, Dei gratia, Rex Angliae, Dominus Hiberniae, et Dux Aquitanniae, archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, prioribus, comitibus, baronibus, justitiariis, vicecomitibus, praepositis, ministris, et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis, salutem.

Concedimus etiam eisdem Burgensibus, pro nobis et heredibus nostris, quod ipsi, et eorum heredes ac successores praedicti, de muragio, pavagio, stallagio, terragio, kaiagio, lastagio et passagio, per totum regnum nostrum et totam potestatem nostram, imperpetuum sint quieti.

Datum per manum nostram apud Westmonasterium, sextodecimo die Martii, anno regni nostri septimo. W. Sutton.
Per finem ducentarum marcarum.

Edward, by the grace of God, King of England, Lord of Edward II, Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, justices, sheriffs, reeves, ministers, and all his bailiffs and faithful subjects, greeting.

We also grant to the same Burgesses, for us and our heirs, that they, and their heirs and successors aforesaid, shall be quit of murage, pavage, stallage, terrage, quayage, lastage, and passage, throughout our whole kingdom and our whole dominion, for ever.

Given by our hands at Westminster, on the sixteenth day of March, in the seventh year of our reign. W. Sutton. By a fine of two hundred marks.
July 9. 1484. Westminster. 2 Richard III
Mandate to all sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, constables and others to permit the men and tenants of the manors of Notyngham, which are of the ancient demense of the crown, as appears by a certificate sent into Chancery by the treasurer and chamberlains, to be quit of toll, stallage, cheminage, pontage, pavage, picage, murage, lastage and passage and the expenses of knights coming to Parliament and not to put them on assizes, juries or recognitions.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 7). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By a fine of two hundred marks..
Primary Sources
Corporation of Nottingham, 1890, Royal Charters granted to the burgesses of Nottingham p. 22-27 view online
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1901, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III (1476-85) p. 484 view online copy

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 12/02/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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