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men and tenants of the honour of Richmond in Nottinghamshire (men and tenants of the honour of Richemonde in Notynghamshire) was granted an exemption from murage dated 2/7/1394.

To all sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, ministers and lieges to whom etc. Strict order to suffer the king's men and tenants of the honour of Richemonde in Notynghamshire to be quit of toll, stallage, chimenage, pontage, pavage, picage, murage and passage upon their property and wares, as they ought to be, and as all they and their ancestors being tenants of that honour used to be, releasing any distress upon them made; as on their behalf it is shewn the king that, although by custom heretofore kept and approved in England they are and ought to be quit of payment of all the said customs within the realm, and they and their ancestors aforesaid used so to be time out of mind, in divers parts of the realm they are many times distrained to pay the same.
Et erat patens.
March 8. 1465. Westminster. 5 Edward IV.
Mandate to all sheriffs, constables, bailiffs, ministers and other subjects of the king to permit the men and tenants of the honour and lordship of Richemond, lately granted by letters patent to the king's brother George, duke of Clarence, to be quit of toll, pontage, piccage, murage, pannage, passage, lastage, stallage and quayage according to custom.
By p.s.

Granted by Richard II. (Regnal year 17). Granted at Westminster.
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1925, Calendar of Close Rolls Richard II (1392-96) Vol. 5 p. 299 Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1897, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward IV (1461-67) p. 474 [view online copy >>online

At this time the honour was being parcelled out to various people following the death of Queen Anne (d.7/6/1394), who had held it (Whilst the Duke of Britanny, who had claim to the honour, was supporting France). Who got the Nottingham parcel I have not ascertained, but clearly this set of privileges is to do with this.

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