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burgesses of Dartmouth (burgesses of Clifton Dertemuth Hardenesse) was granted an exemption from murage dated 14/4/1341.

The king, considering the good behaviour of the burgesses of Clifton Dertemuth Hardenesse and the great expense and loss they have suffered by reason of the war, and also because they have undertaken to find and fit out at their own cost two war vessels of 120 tons (dolia) burthen and with a double crew (eskippamento) to follow the king, whenever he call upon other ships of the realm to set forth, and to remain with him forty days from the day when they arrive at such place as he shall appoint, has made to the said burgesses and their successors the following grants:-
that they shall be quit of toll, pavage, murage, payage, cuueragio, stallage, passage, anchorage, culage, pontage, barbicanage, quayage, strondage, sedage, wharfage, plankage, lastage, levage and all other customs of all their goods and merchandise throughout the king's realm and power;
that they shall choose yearly a mayor from among themselves so he be suitable and loyal to the king, to keep their said borough and to hold pleas touching the same and to do there all other matters concerning them and their borough aforesaid together with the bailiffs thereof; which mayor shall after his election make oath upon the gospels before the commonalty of the borough to bear himself well in the preservation of the king's rights and of the liberties of the borough and in the execution of his office;
that they may devise by their last will any lands and tenements which they hold within the said borough, without impediment of the king or his ministers, to any who are in the king's fealty;
that they shall not plead or be impleaded save within their borough aforesaid before the mayor and bailiffs thereof concerning any tenures within the same (intrinsecis) or any trespasses, contracts or other matter done there or arising therein, unless such pleas touch the king or his heirs or the commonalty of the said borough;
that they shall have infangenethef and outfangenethef and the return of the king's writs and summonses of the exchequer; so that no sheriff or other bailiff or minister of the king shall have ingress there to discharge any office in any matter touching the said borough, save by default of the mayor and bailiffs thereof;
that they shall not be put on assizes, juries, recognitions or inquisitions by reason of their lands or tenements without the borough (forinsecorum), or of such trespasses, contracts, agreements or other matters without the borough as may come before the justices or other ministers during their stay there; neither shall men from without be placed with them on assizes, juries, recognitions or inquisitions which may arise out of the lands or tenements within the borough or of the trespasses, contracts, agreement or other business occurring therein; unless such matter concern the king and his heirs or the commonalty of the said borough;
that no forestaller shall be permitted there and that if any such be convicted he shall be subject to the due and customary punishment.
By K. and C. and by p.s. {13882.}
Dec. 14. 1378 Westminster. 2 Richard II
Inspeximus and confirmation, in favour of the burgesses of Clifton Dertemuth Hardenesse, of a charter dated Tower of London, 14 April, 15 Edward III. {Charter Roll,15 Edward III., No. 18}, being a grant to them, for their losses and services on the king's behalf, of divers liberties and franchises.
By the Great Council, because they made a balinger, as the bishop of Exeter has testified.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 15). Granted at Tower of London. Grant by By K. and C. and by p.s..
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