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church of St. Peter, Westminster was granted an exemption from murage dated 1/5/1399.

The king, desiring to provide for his health during his life and for the health of his soul after death and of that of the late Queen Anne, by certain charters has given to the church of St. Peter, Westminster, and William the abbot and the prior and convent the manor of Stevyngton, co. Berks, and the church of Stevyngton, with the advowson, the manor of Westbury, co. Wilts, two messuages, a mill, 140 acres of land, 16 acres of meadow and 40 acres of pasture in Esthenrith, co. Berks, the manors of Northall and Downe, co. Middlesex, and all the manors late of Richard Lescrope of Bolton, knight, in the towns and hamlets of Holme, Langeford, Henlawe, Bicleswade, Southye veil, Brome and Stratton, co. Bedford, all the lands, tenements, rents and services called Hoddesford and Cowhous in the towns of Hampstead and Hendon, co. Middlesex, late of the said Richard Lescrop, and the manor of Stokyngecherche with all lands, rents and services in the town of Stokyngecherche, co. Oxford; to be held by the said church, abbot, prior and convent with return of writs and other liberties such as they have elsewhere by performing certain alms and charges in the said charters contained.
And because the foregoing lands are scarcely sufficient to support these burthens by their true value, and yet the abbot, prior and convent are liable to pay their share of any tenth, fifteenth, or other subsidy granted to the king by the commonalty of the realm for these manors, lands and so forth, the king hereby grants that the abbot, prior and convent shall not be bound to pay anything from the said manors, lands and so forth or their goods on them by reason of any tenth, fifteenth, or other subsidy or any tallage, but shall be quit of the same;
and that they shall have therein the following liberties : sac, soc, tholl, theam, infangenethef, utfangenethef, westgeldethef, hamsokne, grithbriche, blodewite, infang and forfaiig, fichtwite and flithwite, ferdewite, hangewite and leirwite, fleraeneswite and flemenesfrenthe, escape from prison, murder and larceny, and money pertaining to murder and larceny, fbrstall within time and without, with all possible causes ; they and their men shall be free from all scot, geld, all aids of kings, sheriffs and their ministers, amercement and fine of county, hidage, carucage, danegeld, horngeld, wapentak, stallage, lestage, tallage, showyng, miskennyng, mundbrich, burbrich, shires, hundreds, swain motes, pleas, plaints, assizes, views and summonses, conduct of treasure, ward and ward-peny, haver-peny and hundredpeny, tethingpeny, borthalpeny, all works of castles, parks, walls, fish-ponds, and bridges, enclosures, all carriage, sumpter-service, and ship service, building of king's houses and all kinds of works;
their woods shall not be taken for these works nor their corn nor their goods nor those of their men 'to provision castles ; they may freely without chiminage or other impediment take of all their woods for their own use without incurring any forfeiture of waste or any amercement ; all lands and purprestures already made and all essarts of theirs and of their men's, who are not earls or barons, which are already made, or shall in future be made with the king's assent, are hereby quit-claimed to them from waste, regard, view of foresters and all else belonging to the forest or the foresters;
they shall have view of frank pledge in all the foregoing, with plea of replevin (vetiti namii) ; and all animals called waif found therein, unless anyone have followed the animals who can prove ownership and the animals were followed and claimed within a proper time according to the custom of the country ; they shall have the goods and chattels of all their men and tenants, free or bond, and of all residents in the said manors, lands, tenements and fees, who may be outlawed for felony, contempt, trespass, debt, account or any other cause at the suit of any party, or who may be suicides or otherwise felons, fugitive or condemned in the usual form with the usual powers of taking such goods ; they shall have all fines for trespasses, oppressions, extorsions and all other delicts and misprisions, and all amercements, ransoms, forfeited issues and forfeitures from attaints and other matters, year, day and waste, deodands, treasure-trove, and all that could accrue thence to the king, in whatever court the same might be adjudged, with power to receive the same without any impediment;
and all their men, tenants and residents shall be quit of all toll, pontage, pavage, murage, passage, stallage, picage in all markets and fairs, passage of the sea or of bridges, waters and ways, wherever the king can grant such liberty;
the abbot and convent shall have full return and execution of all the king's writs, bills, precepts and summonses of the exchequer, and the levying of all moneys, and every kind of execution by writ or bill within the said manors, lands and tenements, even though such execution touch the king and any other person whatsoever ; and if any person shall be liable to imprisonment for felony, trespass, debt, detinue or account or any other cause, the abbot and convent shall have by their bailiffs and ministers the arrest and custody of such persons in their own prison to be appointed by them for that purpose, and the execution of judgement on such persons imprisoned shall be made by the bailiffs and ministers of the said abbot and convent.

Granted by Richard II. (Regnal year 22). Granted at Westminster.
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1916, Calendar of Charter Rolls 15 Edward III - 5 Henry V 1341-1417 Vol. 5. (HMSO) p. 378-80 view online copy

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 03/03/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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