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citizens of Cork was granted an exemption from murage dated 20/7/1318.

Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter dated at Norham, 12 June, 19 Edward I {Calendar, Vol. II. p. 401} inspecting and confirming a charter dated at Westminster, 2 January, 26 Henry III, in favour of the citizens of Cork. {Calendar, Vol, I, p. 266.}
With the further grant that the said citizens and their heirs shall not be impeded in their enjoyment of the said liberties by reason of any non-user in the past;
and, whereas the citizens in times past have yearly chosen one of themselves to be mayor, and the said mayor so chosen has made oath to his predecessor in office before the community of the said city in the king's name, unless the justiciary of Ireland or any baron of the Exchequer of Dublin has been present in the said city at the time of the election, for which the citizens have been impeached several times in the king's court by his ministers, affirming that the oath ought to be made in the Exchequer of Dublin and not elsewhere; the king for the reason that the cities of Cork and Dublin are far apart, so that if any war or rebellion of the Irish happen, there is no safe passage between them, has granted to the said citizens that their mayor chosen each year from among them shall make his due oath before his predecessor in office in the presence of the community of the city unless as aforesaid, as has hitherto been used ; moreover the citizens shall have the following liberties; return of all the king's writs as well of summonses as of attachments of all matters arising within the said city and suburb, so that the king's ministers of Ireland shall not enter the said city or suburb of Cork to make any summonses or attachments or executions in ought there arising save in case of default of the mayor and bailiffs of the city, save in the case of four pleas, to wit rape, arson, forstal and treasure trove, which shall remain to the king and his ministers; and in any pleas arising within the said city the citizens shall not be convicted by foreigners but only by their fellow citizens, unless the matter touch the king or his ministers or the community of the city; and they shall be quit through all the king's realm and power of murage, pavage, carriage and quayage; and they shall not be put upon assizes, juries or recognitions without the said city or suburb by reason of their lands and tenements without the city or within it, so long as they are dwelling in the said city or suburb, so that they may attend to their merchandise and business more quietly; and of their lands and rents within the city of Cork and its suburb recognitions shall be made in the king's court before the mayor and bailiffs by the king's writs of the chancery of Ireland, and these recognitions shall have as much force as such recognitions of lands, tenements and rents in the city and suburb of London taken in the king's court of London by the king's writ have been wont to have; and the mayor and bailiffs of the city of Cork shall have the keeping of the assize of bread and ale and the trial of weights and measures in the said city and suburb, so that none of the king's ministers of Ireland shall intermeddle therein, unless it be in the presence of the justiciary of Ireland or the keeper of the said country within the said city, who, if any plaint be made touching any default of the keeping of the assize and trial aforesaid, shall cause the same to be surveyed and examined and shall correct any defects therein and punish offenders; saving that the king's ministers of the market in the said country once a year, if they will, may enter the said city and suburb and discharge in due course all that belongs to their office. By K.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 12). Granted at Northampton. Grant by By K..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1908, Calendar of Charter Rolls Edward I, Edward II 1300-1326 Vol. 3. (HMSO) p. 390-1 online

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