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men and tenants of Chamberhouse (Chambirehous) was granted an exemption from murage dated 16/11/1446.

Grant for good service to John Pury, king's squire, that he may crenellate his manor of Chambirehous, co. Berkshire, with stone and mortar, and impark 300 acres of land, 40 acres of wood and 4 acres of meadow; and that he may have free warren in all his demense lands of the said manor; and hold all the foregoing to him and his heirs; and that he and they may have infangenethef and outfangenethef, and chattels of their men and tenants, being felons and fugitive, and chattels called 'wayff' and 'strayff' in the said manor, with power to erect gallows on the soil of the said manor and to do justice on malefactors there taken within the liberty of ingangenthef and outfangenethef; and that he and they and their men and tenants of the manor shall be quit throughout the realm of toll, murage, pavage and pontage; and that the said John and his heirs shall have view of frank-pledge of all their tenants in the said manor and amends of the assize of bread and ale there; notwithstanding any statute or ordinance to the contrary hereof.
By p.s. and of the said date etc.

Granted by Henry VI. (Regnal year 25). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By p.s. and of the said date etc..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1927, Calendar of Charter Rolls 5 Henry VI - 8 Henry VIII, AD 1427-1516, with an appendix, 1215-1288 Vol. 6. (HMSO) p. 72

Secondary Sources
Page, Wm and Ditchfield, P.H. (eds), 1923, VCH Berkshire Vol. 3 p. 316-7 online

John Pury (1415-1480) Pury was an esquire of Henry VI, and in 1446 he obtained licence to enclose the manor of Chamberhouse, to crenellate and embattle it, together with a grant of very considerable privileges in the manor, including the view of frankpledge. Son of Thomas Pury, a servant of Henry IV and seems to also had a career in royal service. MP for Bridport in 1447, Oxon, 1449 and Berks 1472-5. (Wedgewood, J.C., 1936, History of Parliament Biographies of the Members of the Commons House 1439-1509 (HMSO) p. 702-3)

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