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bailiff, jurats and commonalty of Romney Marsh (Romeney Mersh; Romney Mersh) was granted an exemption from murage dated 23/2/1462.

In consideration of the fact that the towns and places near the sea may have been depopulated and laid waste owing to attacks from the king's enemies, and that it is needful that such places should be rebuilt or new places built in the neighbourhood, and provided with liberties that they may more effectually be a resort of people; and seeing that in the Marsh of Romney in the county of Kent there are now but a small supply of inhabitants or labourers, but that, if the liberties were increased, the population would also increase to the better defence of the county of Kent, as the king has learnt from the faithful report of the inhabitants of that part:
now the king, of special grace and at the request of the commonalty of the inhabitants of the Marsh of Romney and for the preservation of the said marsh and adjoining towns, has given and granted to the inhabitants and residents within the bounds of the marsh, that they shall be one body in fact and name and a perpetual commonalty incorporate of a bailiff, twenty-four jurats and commonalty of the marsh of 'Romeney Mersh' in the county of Kent, with a perpetual succession; and they and their successors shall be named by the name of the bailiff, jurats and commonalty of Romney Mersh in the county of Kent …;
{various liberties};
the bailiff, jurats and commonalty shall be quit of all tallages and aids of the realm and of scot and geld, hidage, toll with soc (socko') and sac (soca'), thol and them, infangenethef, outfangenethef, gredwite, blodwyte, flitwite, flesewite, hengwite, letherwite, flemenesfrith, hordel, and croft', within time and without, danegeld, horngeld, hosts, lastage, stallage, shires, wards, 'wardepeny,' 'hundred-peny,' 'tething-peny' and of all murages, works of castles, bridges and ways, aids, enclosures, carriages, sumpter service, and 'manige,' and building of king's houses and all works, and also of all contributions for their merchandise, goods, and chattels in all markets and fairs and in all crossing of bridges, ways and sea and on land through all the realm of England;
{various liberties};
By K. and of the said date by authority of parliament.

Granted by Edward IV. (Regnal year 1). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By K. and of the said date by authority of parliament..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1927, Calendar of Charter Rolls 5 Henry VI - 8 Henry VIII, AD 1427-1516, with an appendix, 1215-1288 Vol. 6. (HMSO) p. 181-84

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 25/03/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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