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Merton Priory (prior et conventus de Mertone) was granted an exemption from murage dated 25/3/1305.

baronibus pro priore de Mertone. Cum prior et conventus de Mertone, pro eo quod in cartis et libertatibus eis per quosdam progenitores regis nunc, quondam reges Anglie, concessis, per expressa verba non continetur quod ipsi ac successores sui et eorum homines imperpetuum sint quieti de prestacione tallagii, muragii, pavagii per totum regnum Anglie, regi per peticionem suam coram rege et consilio nuper exibitam {E 159: 'exhibitam'} suplicaverunt {E 159: 'supplicaverunt'} ut rex ipsis per cartam suam eis de novo conficiendam quod ipsi et successores sui ac eorum homines ab hujusmodi prestacione tallagii, muragii, pavagii per totum regnum Anglie inperpetuum sint quieti, concedere curaret, mandat baronibus quod, inspectis cartis libertatum predictarum eis per progenitores regis predictos concessarum, eisdem priori et conventui quoad cartam eis per regem ut predictum est de novo conficiendam fieri faciant quod pro rege fore viderint faciendum. Teste rege apud Westm' die Marcii anno .xxxiij.o. Per peticionem de consilio.
to the barons on behalf of the prior of Merton. Whereas the prior and convent of Merton because it is not mentioned in express words in the charters and liberties granted them by certain progenitors of the present king, former kings of England, that they and their successors and their men are to be quit in perpetuity from payment of tallage, murage, pavage throughout the kingdom of England, they have requested the king by their petition produced recently before the king and council that the king would care to grant them by his charter to be newly made on this that they and their successors and their men be quit of such payment of tallage, murage and pavage throughout the kingdom of England in perpetuity, the king instructs the barons that, after they have examined the charters of the said liberties granted them by the said progenitors of the king, they are to have done for the same prior and convent in respect of the charter to be newly drawn up for them by king, as is said, what they see is to be done on the king's behalf. Witness the king at Westminster on 25 March in the thirty-third year. By a petition of council.
Enrollment of petition
201 (191). Item ad aliam peticionem eorundem quod rex velit concedere quod per expressa verba de novo inserenda in carta \quod/ sint quieti de tallagio, pavagio, muragio etc., ita responsum est: habeant breve de cancellaria thesaurario et baronibus quod, visa carta etc., faciant quod viderint esse faciendum pro rege.

{Petition of Merton priory for their charter of confirmation to be more specific in the terms of the immunities it grants}.
201 (191). Likewise, to another petition from the same that the king might be pleased to grant that they might be quit of tallage, pavage, murage etc., through specific words to be inserted anew in their charter, this answer is given: they are to have a writ of chancery to the treasurer and barons that after having examined the charter etc. they are to do what seems to them to be done on the king's behalf.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 33). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By a petition of council.
Primary Sources
Brand, P. (ed), 2005, 'Edward I: Roll 12' Text/Translation and appendix, in The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England ed. C. Given-Wilson et al., item 201. Internet version, at online accessed on 22/04/2009. (Scholarly Digital Editions, Leicester)

201. for the subsequent mandate to the barons of the exchequer see E 368/75, m. 36d {collated with E 159/78, m. 14} (Brand)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 22/04/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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