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Elizabeth queen of England and all her men, residents and tenants was granted an exemption from murage dated 6/3/1488.

Charter, granting to the king's very dear consort, Elizabeth queen of England: That she may have and take for her life all the goods and chattels of all her men and tenants (holding entirely and not holding entirely, as well residents as non-residents, and all others dwelling within or upon all and each the castles, lord- ships, and manors, towns, &c., of which the said consort, by virtue of divers letters patent, stands seized for the term of her life, or hereafter shall by any means be seized, and within or upon any parcel thereof), being either fugitives, or felons de se, or persons condemned and convicted of felony of any kind, or outlawed by reason of felony or offence of any kind, at the suit of the king, his heirs or successors, or at the suit of the queen consort herself, or of any other person or party whatsoever; all and each the aforesaid goods and chattels of such persons being forfeited or to be forfeited at the suit of any person, whether it be before the king himself, his heirs or successors, or before his or their justices, sheriffs, escheators, coroners, bailiffs, officers, and ministers, in all courts and places whatsoever; although such men or tenants, or any one of them, may hold of the king, or his successors, or of any other person or persons; and although such men or tenants be sheriffs, escheators, coroners, tax-collectors, customers, bailiffs, or ministers of the king or his successors, or of any other person, wheresoever the crimes may be committed, although the delinquents or delinquent shall have fled from the fee of said consort to the fee of the king or his successors, or to the fee of any other persons, or from the fee of the king or his successors, or of any other person to the fee of the said consort:—

{various privileges}

And also that she and all her men, residents and tenants aforesaid, may be free and quit of all tolls, picages, pannages, murages, stallages, and other customs whatsoever throughout all king's dominions in England.

{various privileges}

These being witnesses, the venerable fathers in Christ, J.o f Canterbury, the chanchellor, and Th. of York, archbishops ; and R. of Exeter, keeper of the king's privy seal, and R. of Worcester, bishops; also the king's very dear cousins Jasper of Bedford and John of Suffolk, dukes; and John of Oxford, the king's great chamberlain of England, and Thomas of Derby, great constable of England, earls; and the well-beloved and faithful Robert Willughby do Broke, steward of the king's household, and Giles Daubeney of Daubeney, knights. Given at the palace of Westminster. Charter No. 18. m. 17 (4), 16 (5), 15 (6).

Granted by Henry VII. (Regnal year 3). Granted at Westminster.
Primary Sources
Campbell, Wm., 1873, Materials for a History of Henry VII (Rolls Ser.) Vol. 2 p. 265-71 online

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