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merchants vintners etc. from the parts of the duchy of Aquitaine was granted an exemption from murage dated 8/7/1335.

Concerning the safeconduct for the merchants vintners etc. from the parts of the duchy of Aquitaine.
66. To all viscounts, mayors, baillifs, ministers and the other king's liege men and also the collectors of murage, pontage and pavage, both within and without liberties.
Letters of protection and safe and secure conduct to Arnaut Jougla , Bidau Duviella , Arnaut {Jougla}, son of Arnaut Jougla , Pey , Arnaut Blanc , Arnaut-Guilhem Saumier , Sants de , Pey de la Rame and Johan de Lévignac , of Marmande, merchants vintners of the duchy {of Aquitaine} coming to the kingdom {of England} with their wines and goods, and their men and servants, and also their wine and goods, forbiding any person to put damage to their wine and goods, nor keep some of them against their will, nor paid them on the liberties of the kingdom. So the king orders them to maintain, protect and defend the Jouglas, Villars, Grossemans, Blanc, Saumier, Bules, la Rame, Lévignac and their men and servants, not permitting that any injury, mishaps, damage and impediment be done to their persons and goods, and amends should be made without delay to them for any forfeitures that they have suffered. The king does not wish that any of their wine and goods be kept without their will at the convenience of the king or another without making due satisfaction to them. The king has confirmed various liberties granted in a charter by E{dward I} to the merchants vintners of Gascony , and other foreign merchants for some customs to be paid by them to {Edward I} and his successors, that they could come safe and secure with their wines and goods in the kingdom {of England} in being exempt from the murage, pontage and pavage, and that no exaction, prise nor levy or any other charge be imposed on the persons of the said merchants and their goods, as more fully appear in {Edward I's} charter and the king's confirmation.
66.1 Same as above.
Gassie Fabre of Marmande, {merchant vintner of the said duchy}
66.2 Same as above.
Guilhem Demons, merchant vintner of the said duchy
66.3 Same as above.
The merchants vintners of Marmande 47 of the said duchy generally speaking without mentioning any single person.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 9). Granted at Carlisle.
Primary Sources
Gascon Roll for the 9th year of the reign of Edward III C 61/47 online

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 23/01/2012. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 6/01/2013.

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