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grange of Pomerol was granted an exemption from murage dated 5/8/1320.

Confirmation of the ordinance made by Ramon Durand , co-lord of the castle of Colomiers , late lieutenant of Amaniu du Foussat, then governor of the seneschalcy of Gascony , in settlement of the discord between Brother Guillelmus de Chavanon, knight of the order of St John of Jerusalem, preceptor of the house of Lalande and the grange of Pomerol , on the one part, and the mayor, jurats and community of Libourne on the other, concerning high, low and middle justice in the place and parish of Pomerol , and the jurisdiction over the contracts and offences of the people living there, both parties having submitted to arbitration. Durand ordained that:

8. The mayor and his colleagues may not exact tallage upon the people of that parish, or collect it. The people shall not be obliged to pay such, nor can they be compelled to contribute to making the town's walls, or to helping with the town's upkeep, or to come with arms at the order of the mayor and his colleagues. Only those who have goods or property in the town or jurisdiction of Libourne shall be bound to do these things, in accordance with the value of the same, in the way that the inhabitants of the town have to do them.

Consequently, they have petitioned the king and his council to do the same, and the king has approved it as lies in his power to do so.
By petition of C.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 14). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By petition of C..
Primary Sources
C 61/33 Gascon Roll for the 13th and 14th years of the reign of Edward II membrane 5 Online

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