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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 8/3/1309, concerning John de Askham; late mayor of the city of York, Alan de Scutherskelf; Roger de Reston; Richard de Alverton; then bailiffs of the city, Gilkyn Braban; Adam Belle; the present bailiffs, Thomas le Nedler; Thomas de Seleby; John de Neuton; Thomas de Shupton; Robert de Seleby; William de Redenesse; Vincent Verdenel; William de Lathes; Hugh le Barber; John le Sauser; William Jacob; Roger Creket'; John de Butercrambe; Adam le Fossegrayve; Nicholas de Durem; John Aunsel; William de Useburne; Robert de Wyxstowe; John de Rasen; Thomas de Wyxstowe; John de Shupton; John le Sutherun; William Unbayn; Richard de Driffeld; Thomas de Redenesse; Hugh de Seleby; Walter le Tynklere; with others of that city (a complaint by Walter, bishop of Worcester, and master of the hospital of St. Leonard, York).

The like {Commission of oyer and terminer} to John de Merkyngfeld and Adam de Middleton, on complaint by Walter, bishop of Worcester, and master of the hospital of St. Leonard, York, that John de Askham, late mayor of the city of York, Alan de Scutherskelf, Roger de Reston, Richard de Alverton, then bailiffs of the city, Gilkyn Braban, Adam Belle, the present bailiffs, Thomas le Nedler, Thomas de Seleby, John de Neuton, Thomas de Shupton, Robert de Seleby, William de Redenesse, Vincent Verdenel, William de Lathes, Hugh le Barber, John le Sauser, William Jacob, Roger Creket', John de Butercrambe, Adam le Fossegrayve, Nicholas de Durem, John Aunsel, William de Useburne, Robert de Wyxstowe, John de Rasen, Thomas de Wyxstowe, John de Shupton, John le Sutherun, William Unbayn, Richard de Driffeld, Thomas de Redenesse, Hugh de Seleby, and Walter le Tynklere with others of that city, contrary to a charter of the late king, encroached on his jurisdiction within the liberty of the hospital, assaulted Ralph de Wylton, Geoffrey Berman, William de Neuton, Elias le Keu and John de Durem, commissioned by him to collect from the tenants of the hospital the fifteenth granted to the king, levied amends from the tenants for alleged trespasses against the assize of bread and beer, and also extorted from them pontage, pavage, murage and other tallages and prests, and had issued a proclamation against any person having any dealings with them.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 2). Granted at Langley.
The appointed commissoners or auditors were John de Merkyngfeld; Adam de Middleton
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1894, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward II (1307-13) Vol. 1 p. 129-30

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