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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 29/8/1304, concerning Bury St. Edmunds (a complaint by abbot of St. Edmunds).

The like {Commission of oyer and terminer} to William de Bereford, William Haward and William de Carleton, on complaint by the abbot of St. Edmunds that whereas he is lord of the town of St. Edmunds and has the right to appoint his bailiffs to hold his court in that town, to hear complaints there and do justice and execute distraints and attachments and other things pertaining to bailiffs; to remove such bailiffs; to receive amercements and profits of such pleas and attachments and fines for breaches of the assize of bread and ale; the custody of the lands, tenements and rents which descend by hereditary right to wards and orphans under age; the custody of the gates of the town; forstallings and everything that has to be corrected; and toll, murage and pavage on goods coming into the town; Nicholas Fuk', John de Hokewold, Stephen de Haukedon, Edmund Kempe, Thomas de la Gare, Giles Harboneys, Robert Luceby, John de Markeswell, John de Berewik, Nicholas de Bradeleye, Hervey Isgere, Laurence le Laner, Adam Hereward, John Payn, Henry atte Grene, Thomas le fiz Robert, Thomas le Vaus, Ralph le Smermonger, John le Ironmonger of Bernewell, William atte Grene, Robert Eppegamen, Thomas de Depeden, Robert Hugelot, William de Westlee, clerk, Augustin le Upholdere, Ralph de Histon, John fiz Dieu, Nicholas Scot, John Pinchun, Thomas de Thornhill, Simon Wither, Walter Kytling, Robert son of Nicholas Fuk', Walter Boneir, Alan de Benington, John le Orfevere, Thomas le Coynur, William Aylwy, William le Spycer of Biry, Robert de Foxton, Thomas Rome, Roger Priour, Robert de Neyvill, Robert le Schereman, William le Turnur, John Mynne, Edmund le Wafrur, William Blak', Roger le Mawer, John Gernun, Oliver Kempe, John Olyver, Henry son of Nichol, William Pinchun, Adam Goding of la Kynghethe, John le Reder of la Kynghethe, John le Roper, William Charles, Bartholomew Persone, Richard Bole, Thomas Bridde, and Peter de Sporle of St. Edmunds, with others conspired together by oaths of confederacy in making unlawful conventicles in the town, and, usurping the cognitions of pleas of trespass and contract arising there and the custodies of lands, wards and orphans and the said gates, prevented the abbot from having such custodies and the said amercements, profits and fines, or the correction or justice of forestallings and other trespasses done there, or distraints for arrears of services due to him, or from taking toll, murage or pavage by his bailiffs or whatever else pertains to bailiffs to do; rescued such distraints so taken by his bailiffs for arrears and other causes; commanded ordinances to be observed contrary to the law and custom of the realm and to the charters granted to the abbey by the king's ancestors; assessed at their will tallages upon poor tenants of the abbey, and extorted the same by grievous distraints.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 32). Granted at Morpeth. Grant by By p.s..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were William de Bereford; William Haward; William de Carleton
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1898, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward I (1301-1307) Vol. 4 p. 283-284

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