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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 24/10/1305, concerning Friars Minors (a complaint by citizens of York).

Mandate to Master William de Skeldergate and Roger Basy the younger, on complaint by the citizens of York that the Friars Minors there have raised a wall on one side of the water of Use to the damage of the citizens in Skeldergate dwelling on the other side of the water and of merchants touching there with ships, to raise a wall by the side of the water for the safety of the said street and of the citizens dwelling there out of the issues of the murage of the city, to be delivered to them by the mayor and bailiffs.
Petitioners: Piers Turgys, on behalf of the poor people of York.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Everwyk (York); River Ouse, Yorkshire; Skeldergate, York.
Other people mentioned: Community of Friars Minor (Franciscans), York; Master William de Sheldergate (Skeldergate); Roger Basy, junior.
Nature of request: Piers Turgys states, on behalf of the poor people of York, that the Friars Minor have built a wall above the level of the River Ouse, so that when there is a flood, the whole street of Skeldergate is almost inundated, and people at risk of drowning. They request that the king assign a loyal and worthy man to arrange for the building of a similar wall along the other bank of the river, from the murage which the town has levied for the last seven years, which has not been spent: which will improve the quay and the city, as well as protecting the people.
Endorsement: It is to be done. And Master William de Sheldergate and Roger Basy, junior, are to be appointed in the form of the petition. And a writ is to be sent to the mayor and bailiffs etc.
Petitioners: Citizens of York.
Addressees: King.
Places mentioned: York; River Ouse, {Yorkshire}; North Street, York; Skeldergate, York.
Nature of request: The citizens of York request that whereas the Friars Minors of York have raised a wall on one side of the Ouse to the damage of the citizens of North Street and Skeldergate on the other side of the river, that they be granted murage to build a quay on the opposite side of the water for the safety of the said streets and their citizens.
1) Endorsement: York.
2) Before the King's council.
3) It should be taken to the treasurer.
4) Done for a fine of 100s, provided that there be an ordinance that whatever results from such murage is faithfully built.
5) For the citizens of York concerning murage.

Granted by Edward I. (Regnal year 33). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By pet. of C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Master William de Skeldergate; Roger Basy the younger
Primary Sources
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National Archive SC 8/10/489 Former Reference - Parliamentary Petition 8185
National Archive SC 8/277/13845

Flood defences

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