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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 17/9/1345, concerning Carlisle (a complaint by John, bishop of Carlisle).

Commission to Henry Fitz Hugh, William de Dacre, Thomas de Rokeby, William Heroun, Thomas de Fencotces, Thomas de Seton, Roger de Blaykeston, Peter de Richemond, Hugh de Sadelyngstanes and John de Haveryngton of Thirneby. shewing that the king understands that divers men of the city of Carlisle by pretext of customs granted by the late king and the present king to the good men of that city for pavage and murage have collected large sums of money, and that these men and other rich and powerful men of the city have levied very great sums clue to Edward II by the commonalty, which the said king pardoned on the petition of some men of the city setting forth that the commonalty had applied great charges about the walling and custody of their city, from the poor men of the city and have retained to their own use as well the money so levied as the money arising from the said customs; and appointing them to make inquisition in the county of Cumberland touching the names of those deputed to collect the said customs and what sums out of those customs have been applied for the purpose for which they were levied, what sums have been levied from the poor by the rich and powerful and how much thereof these have laid out in the repair and custody of the city in discharge of the poor and powerless of the city, and what sums the said men and collectors have retained for their own use, to hear and determine the account of these last and to cause any sums retained by them after the render of their account to be levied from them and laid out in the repair of the pavement and on the walls of the city by advice of John, bishop of Carlisle.

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 19). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were Henry Fitz Hugh; William de Dacre; Thomas de Rokeby; William Heroun; Thomas de Fencotces; Thomas de Seton; Roger de Blaykeston; Peter de Richemond; Hugh de Sadelyngstanes; John de Haveryngton of Thirneby
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1902, Calendar of Patent Rolls Edward III (1343-45) Vol. 6 p. 587

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