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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1344, concerning bailiffs and keepers of Ludlow (a complaint by community of Shropshire).

Petitioners: Community of Shropshire.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Shropshire; Ludlow, {Shropshire}.
Other people mentioned: Roger de Mortimer.
Nature of request: The community of Shropshire requests a writ to the bailiffs and keepers of Ludlow to surcease from taking murage until they have returned their accounts for the last 15 years to the Exchequer. The bailiffs and keepers of Ludlow were granted murage for 15 years, but take so much money from the said community and others coming there to trade that few dare to come to the town. They also keep a great amount of the money for themselves, employing only one quarter of what they have collected on the town. They have now purchased another grant of murage for the next 5 years.
Endorsement: Certain people should be assigned to examine the accounts of the collectors of the said murage, and if it is found that they have levied more than they have used to repair the walls, then they should be made to use the money to repair the walls, and to further do whatever their account demands.

Granted by Edward III.
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/331/15688

The petition dates to c. 1329 when the men of Ludlow were granted murage for 12 years after completion of a grant for 6 years (CPR 1327-30, p. 443). (National Archive note)
Despite the National Archive note I believe this dates to c. 1344 when Ludlow got a 5 year grant (CPR (1343-1345) p. 226). The previous grant was for 12 years granted in 1329 (CPR (1327-1330) p. 443) It would seem Ludlow had been taking murage for 15 years despite the wording of the 1329 grant. It seems that the Shropshire 'community' believed the grant was for 15 years. A commission of oyer and terminer regard the collection of murage at Ludlow was set up in 1352. Was this a delayed response to this petition (and other complaints)?

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 26/02/2009. Last updated on 19/01/2013. First published online 9/01/2013.

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