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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1/10/1312, concerning Geoffrey de Morton (a complaint by citizens of Dublin).

To John Wogan, justiciary of Ireland, or to him who shall supply his place. Order to put into immediate execution the king's former order to revoke the murage granted to Geoffrey de Morton, who holds the tower of the bridge of Dublin, to cause him to account for the sums paid to him, to repair the tower at his own expense, etc., which order he has delayed executing, as the king learns from the complaint of the citizens of Dublin, as it is now found, in addition to what is contained in the inquisition concerning the premises, from the rolls of chancery and the transcript of the murage obtained by the said Geoffrey, a copy whereof was sent to the justiciary along with the inquisition, that the said Geoffrey fraudulently obtained the said murage within the first year after the king had granted a like murage to the citizens of Dublin for six years at his suit. By pet. of C.
To the same. Order repeating the former order to take with him the chief justice of the Bench of Dublin and to pull down whatever the said Geoffrey de Morton has erected to the damage of the city wall of Dublin, and to cause the wall to be restored to its former condition at the expense of the said Geoffrey.
National Archive C 47/10/18/3 is an 'Inquisition as to the surreptitious grant to Geoffrey de Morton of murage for the Bridge Tower of Dublin; with warrant from the council for its revocation' dated 5 Edw II.

Granted by Edward II. (Regnal year 5). Granted at Windsor. Grant by By pet. of C..
The appointed commissoners or auditors were John Wogan, justiciary of Ireland
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1892, Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward II Vol. 1 p. 553 online copy
Gilbert, J.T. (ed), 1870, Historical and Municipal Documents of Ireland, From the Archives of the City of Dublin &c. 1172-1320 (Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores - Rolls Series) p. 277-79 {Full latin transciptions}
National Archive C 47/10/18/3

Secondary Sources
Thomas, A., 1992, The Walled Towns of Ireland Vol. 2 (Irish Academic Press) p. 79-93

1302 (sic). The king to the same justiciary : We are informed by inquisition held before you, and returned into our chancery of England, that Geffrey de Morton has built a hall on the bridge of Dublin, near the tower, obstructing the way by which men should mount for defence of the city. Take with you the chief justice of our bench at Dublin, and cause these obstructions to be removed, and have the wall put in its former state at Geffrey's cost,
1312. The king to the same justiciary : The citizens of Dublin complain that you have not executed our commands respecting Geffrey de Morton and the murage granted to him, which appears to have been fraudulently obtained, and in deceit of our court, to the heavy damage of our citizens. We enjoin you to carry out our orders forthwith, (Rex Britannicarum p. lxv)

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