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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 1313-18, concerning burgesses of Worcester (a complaint by Burgesses of Carmarthen).

Petitioners: Burgesses of Carmarthen.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Carmarthen, {Carmarthenshire, Wales}; Old Carmarthen, {Carmarthenshire, Wales}; Abergwili, {Carmarthenshire, Wales}; Worcester, {Worcestershire}; South Wales.
Other people mentioned: Prior of Carmarthen; {David Martyn}, bishop of St David's; Thomas Lovering; Nicholas Jaff'.
Nature of request: The burgesses of Carmarthen make four requests for remedy.
1) Although by their franchise no manner of large merchandise should be made within 5 miles of the town, the prior of Carmarthen {does so} in his town called Old Carmarthen which is not in the franchise.
2) Although no market should be held within 5 miles of Carmarthen, the bishop of St David holds a Wednesday market at Abergwili only one mile away.
3) Although they should be quit of tolls, murage, passage, pontage and all manner of customs throughout England, burgesses of Worcester distrain them.
4) Although they should only plead trespasses in the town before their port-reeve in the town's guildhall, a justice is ordering them to do so before him.
1) Endorsement: The justice of South Wales should be ordered not to permit merchandise to be made in the town of Old Carmarthen, which is of the priory of Carmarthen, unless the prior or his predecessors did so in ancient times.
2) It should be answered as the first.
3) The bailiffs should be commanded not to molest or disturb contrary to the tenor of their charter.
4) The justice is ordered to permit them to use and enjoy their liberty according to the tenor of their charter, as far as trespasses made within the town named in the petition.
5) Thomas Lovering; Nicholas Jaff'.

Granted by Edward II.
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/311/15527

Dated to 1313-18 by Rees, Petitions Relating to Wales, pp. 494-6. (National Archive note)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 24/02/2009. Last updated on 18/01/2013. First published online 9/01/2013.

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