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There is associated evidence for murage, dated c. 1320-1327, concerning Prior and Convent of Carmarthen.

Petitioners: Prior and Convent of Carmarthen.
Addressees: King.
Places mentioned: Carmarthen, {Carmarthenshire, Wales}; Old Carmarthen, {Carmarthenshire, Wales}.
Nature of request: The Prior and Convent make three requests.
1) They request permission to set up a tumbrel and pillory for the punishment of those trespassing against the assize of bread and ale.
2) They request permanent exemption from murage, pontage, pavage and other customs.
3) They ask that they may receive toll in the city from all who buy and sell, and who are not privileged by charter.
Endorsement: All petitions coram rege. The king is not further advised to grant any franchises.
{c. 1320-c. 1327}

Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/119/5911 Former Reference - Parliamentary Petition 4616

Dated by Rees, and on the guard, to 1315-16, associating it with other documents relating to the rights of the priory at SC 8/5908A-5910. However, this petition does not seem to form part of that episode, and from the language would seem to date from after the confirmation of the Prior's rights in 1316 (CCR 1313-18, p.370). The French endorsement would also seem to suggest a later date, probably the 1320s, although the reference to the confirmation would suggest it dates from the reign of Edward II. (National Archive note)

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