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There is associated evidence for murage, dated c. 1320-50, concerning Hereford.

{? c. 1320-? c .1350}
Petitioners: Richard {Mondword (Moniword)} son of John Mondword of Hereford.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Hereford, {Herefordshire}; Newnham, {Gloucestershire}; Yrchenefeld (Archenfield), {Herefordshire}; Snoggushasch (Snogsash), {Herefordshire}; Berildewalle (? Hole in the Wall), {Herefordshire}; Dewchurch, {Herefordshire}.
Other people mentioned: John Mondword (Moniword) of Hereford; Richard de Penebrigge; John de Merschton; Galhard (Gaillard) de Sevenak, sergeant-at-arms; William Irrby (Irby); William Mamgaire (Mamgaunt); Thomas de Aston.
Nature of request: {This petition is stained and hard to read.} Richard son of John Mondword of Hereford states that he was carrying his wines from Newnham to Hereford, malefactors came from Archenfield, and at a place in Herefordshire called Snogsash and 'Berildewalle' they stole the wine with force and arms, and attacked, wounded, imprisoned and ill-treated his men; and they then drove the cart into the franchise of Archenfield to a vill called Dewchurch, where they still withhold it to his great harm and contrary to the king's peace. He can have no justice because of the maintenance of their neighbours, who have sworn to destroy him, because he purchased a commission to Richard de Penebrigge and John de Merschton to inquire how the pontage and murage granted to Hereford was spent, and because he also imprisoned a malefactor in the matter of an affray in the city of Hereford. He requests a remedy.
Endorsement: It is to be seen if an error has been made by the justices; and he is to have a writ to correct the error if there is one.

The appointed commissoners or auditors were Richard de Penebrigge; John de Merschton
Primary Sources

National Archive SC 8/293/14637

Tentatively dated on the basis of the hand and language. Richard Monyword appears on the Herefordshire assessment for fifteenths and tenths from 1334 onwards, presumably after having been taxed personally in an earlier levy. (National Archive note)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 25/02/2009. Last updated on 18/01/2013. First published online 9/01/2013.

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