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There is associated evidence for murage, dated 5/8/1338, concerning Berwick-upon-Tweed.

De stipendo hominibus in muris Berewici excubantibus solvendis decimis a civibus Eboraci percipiendis.
R. thes' & camerariis suis salutem Mandamus vobis quod dilecto clerico nostro Waltero de Weston camerario nostro Berewici super Twedam centum libr' precipiend' de civibus civitatis nostre Eborum de decima triennali nobis nuper per cives & burgenses regni nostri ultimo concessa ip'os cives Eborum de tertio anno ejusdem decime contingente assignari fac' super vadiis vigilium super muros dicte ville Berewici existentium.
T. custode praedicto apud Norhampton quinto die Aug'. Per cons'

Granted by Edward III. (Regnal year 12). Granted at Northampton. Grant by Per cons'.
Primary Sources
Macpherson, D., Caley, J. and Illingsworth, W. (eds), 1814, Rotuli scotiae in Turri londensi et in Domo capitulari westmonasteriensi asservati (Record Comission) Vol. 1 p. 544

£100 pounds raised from York over the previous three years for salaries of watchmen, rather than for maintenance of walls. Were some of these watchmen from Yorkshire? At this time it is likely Berwick was particularly well garrisoned but this does show the expense of garrisons and watchmen.

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