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Carlisle petitioned for a grant of murage in {1324}.

Nature of request: The people of Carlisle make two requests:
1) They request the king's aid to repair their wall, as they have been too impoverished by Scottish raids to be able to repair it themselves.
2) They state that they have been amerced in the King's Bench, and Common Pleas, and at the Exchequer, and have lost legal cases, because they could not leave their city to come to where the king was, through being besieged by the Scots, or through being ordered by their then Keeper, Andrew de Herclay, to remain in Carlisle to guard it. They ask that they might be pardoned these issues and their amercements after the king's ninth year.
Endorsement: Before the king (coram rege), because concerning his special grace. It seems to the council, because the town is in the March, that it is right for the king to take care that the walls are repaired in some good way, either by them or by others, as swiftly as possible. With regard to the pardon of the issues and amercements, the Treasurer and Barons are to be ordered to inform the king what issues and amercements are demanded of them, and from what time, and from what persons, and how; and they are further to inform the king, so that he might speak his will on this.

Details of the murage grant which resulted from this petition can be seen at this link. Click Here
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/54/2685 Former Reference - Parliamentary Petition 1394

Summaries of these petitions are entered on C 49/5/12, which is dated 17 Edward II (8 July 1323 - 7 July 1324), and which is more specifically dated on the guard to around 8 February 1324. CPR 1324-7 p.202, is dated 10 December 1325. CCR 1323-7 p.456, is dated 17 March 1326, CPR 1327-30 p.23 is dated 12 February 1327. CCR 1318-23 p.635 is dated 15 March 1323. (National Archive note)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 23/02/2009. Last updated on 22/03/2012. First published online 6/01/2013.

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