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Carlisle petitioned for a grant of murage in {c. 1385}.

Nature of request: The petitioners ask consideration for injuries and oppressions etc., and discharge from their farm to the exchequer for three or four years until their damages etc., have been repaired. They show that they endure great hardship and costs for repairing and improving their ports and ditches, and from the continual watch night and day on the walls of their city and guarding the same. Great new works were made by Lord Neville, then warden, such as the turnpikes, garrets on the walls and new ditches. They were charged to pay £80 each year to the king's exchequer for multure and fisheries, but these things (with the greater part of their city) were wickedly burned and ruined by the king's Scottish enemies. Now of late all their lands and tenements with corn, goods, etc., from all parts of the city have been burnt, wasted and destroyed by the French and Scottish enemy encamped before the city until 15 August lately past, by reason of which losses, impoverishments and watch on the city walls for all those days, most of the commons left the city and have not yet returned.
Endorsement: {None}


Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/101/5046 Former Reference - Parliamentary Petition 1953

Notes on the guard suggest c. 1385 and provide a cross-reference to CCR 1385-9, pp. 25-6. (National Archive note)
I'm not entirely convinced by this link. The order to the Exchequer in the close rolls is on a petition by John Thirlewalle, late sheriff of Cumberland.

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