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Crecy-en-Ponthieu petitioned for a grant of murage in {? c. 1330}.

Petitioners: Mayor, echevins and commonalty of Crecy in Ponthieu.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Crecy (Crecy-en-Ponthieu), Ponthieu, {France}.
Nature of request: The mayor, echevins and commonalty of Crecy request that, since they are greatly charged with debts such as £70 annually to the king's receiver of Ponthieu, £115 annually owed by many persons, and the walls and chantries of the town which they cannot maintain, the king appoint an assize in the town of a halfpenny for every lot of wine coming into the town by broker, 4d for each measure of corn, 4d for each measure of 'cherenoyse' or 'goudale', 3d for each load of fish sold, 3d for each dead cow sold, 2d for each pig and 1d for each sheep.
Endorsement: {None.}
Petitioners: Mayor, echevins and commonalty of Crecy in Ponthieu.
Addressees: King and council.
Places mentioned: Crecy-en-Ponthieu, Ponthieu, {France}.
Other people mentioned: Isabella {of France}, Queen of England.
Nature of request: The Mayor, echevins and commonalty of Crecy in Ponthieu state that they are charged with many great debts, both to the king and to others, as well as with other expenses, which they cannot afford to pay. They asked Queen Isabella to grant them an assize on various goods, which she did, but since Ponthieu has been in the king's hand his Seneschal has discontinued this. They ask that it might be reinstated as before, at the king's pleasure.
Endorsement: They are to have it for two years, provided that they conduct themselves well and peacefully towards their lord. And at the end of every year they are to render account to the Seneschal and Receiver of Ponthieu for what they have received.


Details of the murage grant which resulted from this petition can be seen at this link. Click Here
Primary Sources
National Archive SC 8/163/8117
National Archive SC 8/290/14466

Dated with reference to SC 8/290/14466. This may be the petition that resulted in the assize mentioned there. (National Archive note)
From the mention of Queen Isabella, this petition would seem to date from shortly after her fall in 1330. (National Archive note)

Record created by Philip Davis. This record created 23/02/2009. Last updated on 22/03/2012. First published online 6/01/2013.

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