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tenants and residents of Henley in Ardern (Henley in Ardern, co. Warwick) was granted an exemption from murage dated 16/5/1449.

Confirmation to Ralph Botiller, lord of Soudeley, knight, tenant and possessor of the town and manor of Henley in Ardern, co. Warwick and to his heirs, of the liberties had by him and his ancestors therein, to wit, view of frank pledge of all tenants and residents in the town and manor held at Henley twice a year and 'waieff' and 'strayes' and all pertaining to the said view and a market there weekly on Monday, and grant to him of the same, though he and his ancestors have not used them before these times, and of the returns of all writs and commands of the king, of summons of the Exchequer and of estreats and commands of the king's justices, and attachments of pleas of the crown and of bills and commands of the steward and marshal and clerk of the market of the household, and all executions of the same within the said town and manor, the tenants and residents whereof have been vexed by the king's ministers: grant also to the same of 'infangthef' and 'outfangthef,' all chattels of felons, fugitives, persons condemned or put in exigent for treason or felony, outlaws and felons of themselves, and chattels forfeit of all tenants and residents: and grant that no purveyor for the household take aught of him, his heirs and tenants that all tenants he quit of toll, stallage, pontage, panage, pavage, murage, quayage and chiminage, and that Ralph and his heirs may have two fairs there each year, on Tuesday in Whitsuntide and for two days and on St. Luke the Evangelist for two days following.

Granted by Henry VI. (Regnal year 27). Granted at Westminster. Grant by By p.s. etc..
Primary Sources
Maxwell Lyte, H.C. (ed), 1909, Calendar of Patent Rolls Henry VI (1446-52) Vol. 5 p. 258 view online copy

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