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merchants of Gascony was granted an exemption from murage dated reign of Edward I.

Breve pro Vascon'.
Friday after the Feast of the Ascension {28 May}, 3 Edward II. {A. D. 1310}, Peter Biger, Gassalin Pagan, and other merchants of Gascony brought a certain writ of the King in these words, &c. :-
Edward, &c., to the Mayor and Sheriffs of London greeting Whereas the lord Edward of famous memory, late King of England, our father, by his charter granted for himself and his heirs to all merchant vintners of the Duchy aforesaid coming into our realm with wines and other merchandise, that they should enjoy divers liberties, immunities, and acquittances in our realm, which they have ever since used and enjoyed, as they declare, We command you, as we have commanded you before, that after examination of the said charter you permit the said merchants to use and enjoy the said liberties, &c., in the aforesaid City as they have been accustomed reasonably to enjoy the same since the making of the charter, not molesting nor grieving them in any way contrary to the said charter, otherwise to signify the cause why you have not obeyed our command. Dated at Wodestok, 9 May, 3 Edward II. {A. D. 1310}.
Return to the above writ:- Before the lord the King Edward, father of the lord the King that now is, made his charter to merchant strangers of divers liberties and acquittances in the said charter contained, the merchants of Gascony were not quit of murage or pontage, but afterwards by the said charter they became for a time quit thereof, until the lord the King that now is ordained in his Parliament at "Staunford" that the custom for which these liberties had been granted should cease at his will. And therefore we now exact murage and pontage as before the making of the said charter they used to be exacted and paid.

Granted by Edward I.
Primary Sources

Sharpe, R.R. (ed), 1902, Calendar of letter-books of the city of London D: 1309-1314 - Folio civ online

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