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Grimsby and Southwold was granted an exemption from murage dated reign of Henry III.

Among the royal letters there is a copy on paper of "the charter of Southwold." It is really a writ to all sheriffs, mayors, &c., dated 5 July 18 Hen. {VI. ?}, commanding them to permit the men and tenants of the town of Southwold, in the county of Suffolk, which Gilbert de Clare, late Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, held, as appeared by an Inquisition, temp. Hen. III., exemplified by King Henry {IV. ?}, the King's grandfather, to be quit from toll, pontage, passage, pickage, pavage, and murage.

Primary Sources
HMC, 1895, 'The corporation of Great Grimsby', The Manuscripts of Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds etc. Fourteenth report, Appendix; part VIII p. 250 online

Secondary Sources
Turner, H.L., 1971, Town Defences in England and Wales (London) p. 38

reciprocal arrangements which some towns negotiated. (Turner)
I can not, myself, read this as a mutual arrangement. I seems more that Southwold were asserting their rights. The writ of 5 July 18 Henry VI is in CCloseR (1399-1402) p. 244 (see )

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